10 Great Sales Training Ideas And Games To Ramp Up Your Sales

By Lawyer’s Growth Partners on Oct 12, 2019

You may have read every book published with titles of 'boosting your sales' or 'how to build a miraculously productive sales team', or other such titles. Those books are glossy and are written with impressive mastery. But reading and being a theoretical expert do nothing- it is the practical implementation and thorough practice that work. Let's face it. Sales won't take itself up, and neither will handing-out notes and manuals to sales teams. So, what really works in reviving or boosting sales? The simple answer is Sales Training. Sessions, webinars, meetings, and seminars train the sales team about the tricks of selling and closing deals. These training sessions are a fun way of making theoretical knowledge practically applicable. Games and activities give us true-to-life learning experiences. These sessions offer ground for us to interact, make choices, compete, and learn more. That's why we have compiled a list of training ideas and games for you to incorporate in your training sessions. These tactics ensure the revamping of your sales and ramping up the productivity of your teams.

" You need constant practice to become the best salesperson. You must study the game mentally, physically and emotionally pretty much every single day of your life."

Game-changing Sales Training Ideas

Sales training is not limited to infrequent offsite retreats; it is an ongoing process. And it should be done frequently. Apart from making the office culture healthier, sales training opens up the window of opportunity for fostering ideas and breakthroughs. Without these sessions; skills stagnate, ideas rust and breakthroughs don’t happen.

Training programs work well, especially in organizations with varying levels of experience. Juniors and new hires have limited knowledge and little expertise, these training programs help them hone their skills and meet their targets.

Below, we have listed the training ideas that you can implement in your training meetings:

1.   30-seconds commercial:

What better way to sell than commercials?

Ask your trainees to record a brief 30-seconds commercial for your company. Quite possibly, you won’t get any recordings that are alike. You will find recordings that are entirely off-track or some that are consistent with your company’s values and some that are merely delivering outdated messages.

Start with role-playing and when your trainees are comfortable, ask them to brainstorm on the commercial keeping your prospective clients in mind. Now, ask them to initiate the conversation while you keep a check on the consistency of the messages been delivered by your trainees.  Practice this exercise until it is perfected to what you want.

2.   Success Stories:

Well-told stories can convey the point where other forms of communications become ineffective. Leverage story-telling opportunity in conversations, share your story, share the stories of your clients.

Engage the trainees by letting them contribute to the sessions. Assign dates to each member to come up with their own success story. Celebrate the success stories of your team members. Make sure that you cover the following elements:

  • The problem faced by your client
  • The solution offered by you
  • The impact of your proposed solution

Provide constructive feedback to your members, stay firm but not imposing. Remember, the more you free up your team, the better it gets.

3.   Convincing voicemails:

Voicemails seem outdated, but if they are compelling, they are the best selling skill. It is challenging to be concise, precise, persuasive, and clear.

Well, practice, practice, and practice until you excel. Turn-wise, ask your trainees to record their voicemails. Select the best one, keep it as a record, make it a standard, circulate it, ask others to practice it, and lastly and most importantly reward the one who came up with the best voicemail.

4.   Get others involved:

Get other departments involved; this is a great chance to hear from others. It allows you to take off your blinders and see from others’ perspective. Marketing gets to know finance; sales gets to know operation team.

Consider it a potluck dinner- where everyone brings what they have to offer, to be shared amongst all.  Ask every team member what they would like to learn and share. Find the best resources within your organization to incorporate their ideas.

5.   Objection handling exercise:

Ask your sales reps to come up with the objections of the clients and the reasons for your product or service rejection. Have your team individually or in a group to confront those objections convincingly. In this way, you are ready whenever a specific problem of the same degree or category arises.

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Enhance the Process with Sales Training Games

These games are an educational and experiential learning experience. They spice up the theoretical knowledge and make it less hard to stomach. Scheduling meetings, selling and closing deals, patiently handling all the clients; it all takes its toll. Games not just make this job less exhausting but also teach new skills and provide revision of the learned skills.

A brief list of fun games is provided below to jazz up your meetings:

1. “Sell me this pen!”

The cliched and inspired from a blockbuster hit, “sell me this pen!” is a litmus test of a person’s selling skills. Ask your sales reps to identify the deceptively concealed problem, and convincingly answer the client’s dilemma: ‘How will this solve my problem?’  You can evaluate their demonstration based on how precisely the problem was stated and how clear the solution was. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a pen, pick anything present for this exercise.

2. Pitch competition

Paint a scenario for the trainees where they have to sell your product or services and make a pitch before the other person/ prospective client loses his interest, i.e. about a minute or less.

Pitch contests have become standard testing exercises for new hire training. It trains new hires to get the value of your services and products out quickly and clearly. Pitch competitions can be employed for continued sales training to work on the speaking, persuading, and brevity of salespeople.

3. Match the product with the person

This activity works well in organizations selling multiple products, services. List your products and services against the scenarios of potential customers. Shuffle the lists and ask the members of your sales team to match the problems with their solutions. This exercise determines the candidate’s strength and where to position which candidate.


This game works at the end of the session to scale the retention and learning of the new hires. Test your new hires in five to ten different categories with each category having five questions. Put questions of increasing difficulty and points in each category to challenge the learning of new skills. Jeopardy is suitable for training of large groups and class.

5. Pop Quiz:

The dreaded pop quizzes! The whole idea of a pop quiz is to retain attention during the meeting. Pop quizzes keep your salespeople alert and engaged during the training, mainly if you prefer gamified testing.

Without follow-up, salespeople will lose 80-90 percent of what they learned in training within a month. – Sales Alliance, 2014

Instead of typical sales meeting encourage team-building opportunities by incorporating gamification approach. Make sales training a crucial part of your meeting and experiment with a variety of ideas and games. Test what works for you, what gives the best results and which one ramp-ups your ROI.

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