How to Market Your Law Firm Successfully in This Competitive Digital Age

By Lawyer’s Growth Partners on Feb 21, 2021

Businesses are moving online, and Law Firms are no different. It is true that competition out there is very high, but there are ways to make yourself stand out. In today's world,  it is absolutely important to go online as it is not just to attract prospective clients, but to be acknowledged as an industry thought leaders. You would like to know what to prioritise?  Check out this article about law firm marketing tips to help you get potential clients and improve online reputation.

1. Be Mindful About Marketing Perspective While Developing the Law Firm Website.

When Law Firm owners start preparing for Digital Marketing, they only focus on the website and forget how they will use it for marketing their services using the website. You should cover all services you are providing and make them easily noticeable on your website. Your website is a tool to educate your prospective clients about your service so it should have enough content. Prospective clients may want to contact you after reading great useful content on your website; having enough call-to-action text will improve conversion rates. It is advisable to involve your SEO team while developing the website.

2. Promote Your Success Stories Effectively.

It is a general belief that people rely on tried and trusted service more; the best way to win their trust is by sharing your clients’ success stories. You can make success stories more relatable by discussing how you managed your clients’ legal matter and provided the right solution. You can discuss what problems were faced by your clients before hiring your services, what solutions you recommended, the outcome of the case, how the client felt after receiving the positive outcome, etc. It will result in building trust in your service, and there would be higher chances that you get hired by your prospective client.

3. Add Live Chats and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) To Your Website.

Any prospective client who needs legal assistance will have a few questions before hiring the lawyer. They would not expect detailed legal advice from you but some information which makes them comfortable taking the next step, such as fees, legal process, expertise, etc. It can significantly help in gaining trust if you list down frequently asked questions and answer those. Live chats can also help you attain a prospective client while they are online; this kind of quick response can differentiate you from your competitors.

4. Try Your Best That Your Website Ranks High on Search Engines.

Who does not want their website to rank on the first page? Search Engine optimisation is an ongoing process, it will not bring quick results, but if you are doing it effectively, it can attract more clients in the long run. It would be more costly if you are relying entirely on paid advertisement. Your goal is to attract more visitors on your website, whether organically or by paid ads, but one thing is sure that investment in developing the website would be waste of money if you do not put efforts to attract more visitors on the website.

5. Be Social! Social Media Marketing Helps.

On average, an average individual is spending more time on Social Media than ever before. You should select the social media channel where you would find your target audience. You can use social media platforms to develop a commercial relationship. It is a great way to communicate with your prospective clients about your services, expertise, fees, success stories, etc. Answering a few quick questions online, and receiving feedback from them will help to build trust and credibility.

6. Join Significant Online Portal and Claim Your Listings Too.

Getting your law firm registered successfully on reputed sites can help you reach the people who require legal assistance and searching for lawyers. Make sure you create a comprehensive profile that helps people contact you and know more about your services. By claiming your listings, it proves that you are the owner of a valid company and are authorised on the web.

7. Use Pay-Per-Click Advertisements as A Marketing Strategy.

PPC ads are one of the fastest ways by which lawyers can generate leads. These Pay-per-click ads can help you drive traffic to your website. You can create ads to promote your law firm and your services. These ads allow you to appear on top of the search results and help you get the attention of your potential clients that are looking for help instantaneously.

8. Keep Track of Other Competing Law Firms.

Keeping an eye on other competing law firms is beneficial in many ways. When keeping track of competitor’s strategy, you will get a lot of information on their offering, marketing, prices, etc. Clients search for many law firms before hiring a lawyer, so if you offer more than your competitor at a fair price, there is a good chance that prospective clients hire your service.

9. Keep Records of Statistics.

Track and estimate the number of views your posts receive by tracking your social media reach. Also, don’t forget to monitor the reputation of your law firm online. Keep an eye on your law firm marketing activities, type of content that increased interest in your firm among clients. Keep records on numbers of inquiries received from different marketing campaigns. This a vital part of developing your marketing plan and making it successful.

Listen to your clients and know their requirements and communicate with them, keeping their interest at heart at every level. Implement these marketing strategies and remain consistent; you will see some results!

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