Business Consultancy and Crisis Management for Law Firms

Investing to develop resistance for unforeseen circumstances

Every business is expected to have a contingency plan in place to combat a crisis. However, most remain unprepared to put things into action when needed. Occupancy costs, bank debts, losing key staff, losing key clients, or misguided marketing tactics are commonly occurring scenarios to set the downward spiral. Not to forget, one also faces the threat of natural calamities or a pandemic. Take the Covid-19 outbreak for instance; an eye-opener for many, that calls for rapid response, immediate stabilising, and effective leadership to devise alternate solutions to keep things afloat.

Our industry-trained consultants pack hands-on-experience in combating the crisis, to usher a positive and reassuring message across partners and business associates alike. From incorporating best practises, effective training of professionals, revision of business model, and effective restructuring of finances, we work in collaboration with decision-makers to assist and address immediate concerns. Our chief focus is to help restore confidence to keep functioning during trying times.

On an average, 33% of clients stop working with their law firm in a year.

Technology Use and Remote Working for Law Firms

Legal firms are fast becoming a part of the remote working movement. Are you game for it?

With changing times and digital platforms ruling the roost, there is no denying how remote working is pacing up. It has not only made legal consulting faster but also hugely accessible blurring geographical borders. With courtrooms accepting virtual testimonies and attorneys opting for on-video counselling, remote working is fast becoming a necessity and less of an option. For all those who are still fighting the dichotomy, we can help you do better.

Beginning with the right software selection to implement the best possible training methods, we ensure that technology works hard for you, and never the reverse. Ours is a vendor-agnostic working philosophy that puts our clients ahead of everything. Thus, we are always a step forward in creating a bespoke, tailored tech solution to impact your business. Furthermore, we are bent on cutting through the clutter and equipping all professionals to optimise performance.

Our industry experts can help you get introduced to the basics of remote working and gradually build your adaptability. Lead the way with a plethora of online communication and collaboration tools at your disposal. Know how to make the best use of remote tools to add to your credibility, reduce overhead costs, maintain flexible working hours, and boost earning potential. Further, we’ll make you familiar with Clio; a cloud-based legal software that’ll help you to streamline the day-to-day operations of your law firm. It’ll empower you to manage your law practice better and reap the associated benefits.

More than 1,000 lawyers in the UK prefer remote working, individually or for legal firms.

Financial Analysis and Consultation for Law Firms

Simple and functional strategies to maximise profitability

Impeccable financial performance of a law firm is directly related to the hard work that individual lawyers and business associates put in every day. While you are on the lookout to make the best out of your capital base, financial analysis sits right at the heart of everything that defines legal consulting. We help scratch a comprehensive governance plan that puts profitability and utilisation at the forefront.

Furthermore, we also take into account the rate structures and existing revenue models directed towards partner compensation. Accordingly, we help devise the best financial strategy that supports maximum engagement and the lowest expenditure. Our financial modelling prioritises your immediate economic goals. We bank on our financial as well as profit analysis experience to decide what works best for your firm. We understand that every single legal firm is different. Hence, our working principles are often data-driven, further backed by trends, facts, and intelligent forecasting, minus assumptions or hunches. Our experts carry decade long experience in simplifying balance sheets, profit and loss statements. This, in turn, puts your team right on track to analyse profitability levels and empower themselves to make data-backed decisions for optimum growth.

On average, a law office spends 45% to 50% on the expenses of operating the office. These funds go for non-lawyer salaries, rent, telephone, library, equipment, supplies and other facilities.


Core Business Development Support for Law Firms

Intelligent, tailor-made growth strategies to overcome stagnation, fear, and loathing

Building efficiency is a keynote for any legal business to prosper. No denying some are uniquely talented rainmakers, but as marketplaces turn competitive, traditional business marketing fails to cut through the grind.  Subsequently, it calls for partner intervention to vehemently impact revenue generation. At Lawyer’s Growth Partners, we are focused on breaking large practice segments into several smaller groups. Such a holistic approach helps articulate the differentiating factor within a traditionally homogenous market. In essence, it helps build more functional teams, streamline operational bases, dial in right for marketing efforts, and develop cut through plans to ensure long term health for your firm.

One must acknowledge; the good old days of rainmaking are long gone. Keeping busy as a lawyer is now a tactical game. Our business development & consultation program adopts an individualistic approach to train lawyers of high potential aligned to the financial goals of your firm. When you are looking at the exponential growth of your practice, it all boils down to proven strategies on the table. Legal business development service is one such area where we have the right kind of knowledge to excel and overwhelm our clients. We have turned great lawyers into equally great business managers and you can certainly be one of them.

Consult with us today to seek our expert assistance. Our legal marketing experts can fortify your business development plans and further promote your practice online for better results. From law firm website design to custom software development, digital marketing, and sales training, we can cover all to help you outshine in the hyper-competitive legal market. Book your consultation and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

A 5% increase in client retention can boosts firm profitability by 25-125%.

Talent Acquisition for Law Firms

 Shaping the journey from struggling to thriving

The legal climate today cannot help but deal with a rather unfavourable ratio of available talent and the cost of hiring for a firm. Not to ignore the inherent risks associated with a poor retention strategy that makes talent acquisition a struggling affair.

With enhanced access directed towards legal knowledge, fast-changing client demands, the global impact of legal tech, and proliferation from alternate service providers, talent acquisition and subsequent management have gone seismic. Thus, one must devise their staffing models to ensure their talent management framework has a significant say in their strategic plan. Coherently striving towards making people your greatest asset should be the chief driving factor. Only then, one can hire the right kind for the future growth of the law firm.

Thinking strictly from a lawyer’s perspective will impact your staffing needs negatively. These days, it’s just not about the law degree. A candidate’s outlook, tech skills, strategical thinking abilities, exposure to digital media, flexibility, language knowledge, honesty, humbleness and relationship building qualities holds great relevance. If you want people to demonstrate varying skills with an alternate approach, it is imperative that your firm’s recruitment model, support system, and tech processes support the same.

At Lawyer’s Growth Partners, we are all game for innovation. We can help your firm to revisit recruitment standards, effectively identify staffing needs in line with the compensation budget to scale up manpower, and hire credible talents. Our strategic recruitment plan can help strengthen a legal firm to keep pressing human resources issues under control.

67% of legal firms face challenges in finding skilled law professionals across a narrowing field of highly credible candidates.

At Lawyer’s Growth Partners, we are all game for innovation. We can help your firm to revisit recruitment standards, effectively identify staffing needs in line with the compensation budget to scale up manpower, and hire credible talents. Our strategic recruitment plan can help strengthen a legal firm to keep pressing human resources issues under control.

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