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  • Pricing

    How does Lawyer's Growth Partners do its pricing?

    Our range of services falls into four main categories:


    1. Design and Web Development – Logo Design, Website Design, Website Development, Brand Design, Campaign Design & Email Template Design.
    2. Digital Marketing – SEO/SEM, Video Marketing, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Paid Adverts, Email Marketing, PR, Survey, Blogs, and Event Invitations.
    3. Sales Support – Sales Training, Call and Consultation Improvement, Conversion Optimisation, Lead Tracking & Management and Analytics & Reporting.
    4. CRM implementation – Clio, HubSpot, Zoho and Salesforce.


    Each of these services is priced separately. Your overall payment will be discussed clearly with you before the project is started because transparency is one of our core values.

    There’s no one-fit-for-all answer to this question, but here are the parameters that should come into consideration:


    • The marketing strategy of your business
    • The vision of your business
    • Revenues Targets
    • Your total budget

    Businesses in the UK and beyond are increasing their annual spending on digital marketing because it brings far more promising results than traditional marketing. The experts at Lawyer’s Growth Partners recommend the following:


    • For new start-ups, it is recommended that you spend around 12-20 per cent of your gross revenue on digital marketing.
    • For established companies, you should at least spend 6-12 per cent gross revenue on your digital marketing.

    The pricing of the services that we offer varies with the nature of the business. Each pricing model is created according to the strategy which the client wants to incorporate in their business. The pricing model also varies on the number of services you want to acquire, which is preferable for your business type.

    The pricing model varies on the type and the depth of services you wish to acquire. For instance, in different agencies, low cost SEO services may start from £1000, mid-level may range from £2,000 to £4,000, and high-end would cost about £7,000 per project.


    Therefore, it is recommended that upon receiving quotes from agencies, make sure you have a clear understanding of the deliverables which they are providing at the given costs. The difference that you will experience with us is that we pride ourselves upon our transparency about our services, our prices, and the timeframe to provide you with these deliverables. We ensure that we offer high-quality services at the most reasonable rates.

    You should plan your digital marketing campaign based on the nature of the business. What we offer you is a way to spend wisely on this precious resource and acquire a return on your investment swiftly and efficiently.


    We do not have rigid packages, or a predefined set of solutions because we customise the solutions for each client. We invest time and effort into getting all the necessary information about your business and your goals before we give you a quote. Tell us your goals today, and we can provide you a quote.

    When you start working with us, and you have not prepared a marketing budget for your business, we will work with you collaboratively to build one. The budget will be prepared by considering meaningful data from your business such as COCA, i.e. “Cost of Customer Acquisition”. Some of the metrics which we will consider are:


    • Monthly visits on the website.
    • Conversion percentages of Lead-to-Opportunity and Opportunity-to-Consumer on every marketing channel.
    • Average Initial Contract Value and Average Lifetime Value.


    Using these kinds of metrics, we can estimate your budget for the digital marketing campaign of your business. It is safe to say that through these metrics, we can project the marketing ROI of your business.

    For your convenience, we offer you three payment options:


    1. Make payment through Bank Transfer. It is secured way to pay invoices.
    2. Direct Debit. It makes the life easy as you do not need to remember to pay invoice and service remain uninterrupted.
    3. PayPal.


    You can choose to make payments in one go or on a monthly basis for ongoing services. Remember, when you make your payment annually, you receive one-month service for FREE!

    We can help you to get out of this maze of starting a digital marketing for your business. If you have trouble understanding how much money you have to keep aside, then we have the resources and expertise to guide you with a list of estimated ranges before we move up to the proposal stage.


    Our expert digital marketers will ensure that your time is not wasted and will provide you with pricing ranges that will be feasible for you to spend based on your gross revenue, based on the nature of your business. You can visit us, call us, email us or drop us a message on our website to get professional advice.

    We aim to give quote as precise as it can. If you wish to discuss the pricing models for your digital marketing, then send us your queries and expect a reply within three business days. Our representatives will arrange a meeting with you to review the budget after acquiring important information regarding your business.


    Investing in anything requires proper planning and efficient research, which can be difficult for someone who has other aspects of handling business to worry about. This is why we can take the burden off your shoulders and manage Digital Marketing and other tasks for you so that you can focus on doing what you are meant to do – business!

  • Brand Design

    A logo is an identifiable visual representation of your business and distinguishes you from your competition. We exclusively curate logos for products, services, or organisations.

    Logo designing requires a sound knowledge of marketing and branding compounded with technical and artistic skillset. Our prices depend on how you want your logo to be and the amount of work that goes into designing. We will discuss the cost clearly with you before the project is started because transparency is one of our core values.

    You will have the complete ownership of your logo and can use it however you like. You will have the exclusive usage rights along with the reproduction license for the logos that we curate for you. Copyrights will be transferred to you upon full payment. As per our standards, we reserve the right to use the designs in our portfolios.

    Customer satisfaction is our priority. We offer three options and three revisions on the work provided to you. You can alter colour, size, font, mix and match elements until you find it befitting to your taste.

    Custom logos are indeed excellent to differentiate you from other brands. Essentially, a logo is the first impression of your brand and a crucial factor for building your brand identity. We recommend that you get a logo designed specifically for your brand that will make you stand out from the crowd. If you are interested in getting a custom corporate logo, we would be more than happy to help you out.

    Logo designing is more than just a crude pencil sketch; it is an asset for your brand. It requires a lot more than clip-arts designing; it is a craft that brings high potential value to your business. Our professionals see the bigger picture of your brand and will take your story to the next level.

    Branding signals your market presence and voices your recognition. Branding creates a base for your consumers and cultivates your credibility and audience’s loyalty. At Lawyer’s Growth Partners, we ensure to strategically plan and tell your story most effectively.

    We pride in delivering creative excellence when it comes to logo designing. Our procedure includes drafting a comprehensive design brief, followed by a thorough research and brainstorming session. Our logo developers then come up with a creative strategy. After logically linking the observations from the research stage, our designers send the design brief for your approval.


    A typical brief has your business introduction, project objectives, audiences targeted. The brief assures accuracy in creative interpretation.


    The design time varies with the scope of the project. Our designers present three drafts for your approval. Clients are encouraged to review the finalised design and if necessary, can ask for up to three revisions.

    Yes! All you have to do is to send your recent logo design, and we will do the clean-up. Whether you want to upgrade the logo elements, or you want to align the design with the trends, we have got it all covered!


    Whether it is overhauling the logo design or slight tweaks, updating the brand image keeps your brand fresh and aligned with your current perception by the audience.


    Minor alterations in logo design every five years give a fresher look to your brand image. Our adept designers ascertain to translate your vision with every update.

    We cater to everything that is placed online or offline, printed, or digital. We typically take care of: Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, Notepad, Advertisement banners, Company Brochure design, Website Design, Signage, Brochures, Flyers, etc.

    Our pricing varies as per your requirements. Some clients need to tweak or fine-tune of their logo design while others need both online and offline branding. At Lawyer’s Growth Partners, we customise the service to fit your specific requirements.

    We strive to build a strong and lasting relationship with clients. We aspire to not only provide you with top-class brand design service but also to earn your trust. Our experts have ample experience and in-depth knowledge to fully understand customer behaviour and come up with effective marketing strategies. Send us an email for a consultation on your brand.

  • Web Development

    There is no single response to this question. We make customised website designs according to the needs and requirements of our clients and therefore, every quotation is different. We believe every business is different and therefore, your website needs to represent those unique aspects to your customers. GET IN TOUCH WITH OUR DEVELOPERS, and they will ask you for your requirements and business objectives that you seek to achieve. We aim to provide you with the best web development service at the right price.

    On average, our web development projects take around eight to ten weeks. However, the pace of the project can be accelerated if required. You can have as much involvement as you want in the project, and we will make sure that your feedback is well received and implemented in real-time. This might affect the speed of the project itself, but you will eventually get exactly what you wished for. The complexity of the website also plays a major role here.

    We have a team of experienced web developers who have working experience in diverse web development platforms like Node.js, Laravel, Umbraco, WordPress, Magento, Drupal and many others. You name it, and we will handle it! We are one of the few web developing agency in the industry that provide services in such a wide range of platforms.

    Not only we will provide you with a top-notch website for your company, but we also offer consultancy regarding how to manage your website and provide you with long term solutions.

    Nope! We are a global company that understands and caters different cultural elements of our valued clients.

    No! We believe that our clients should be able to have complete control over their website and the changes they wish to make in the future. Even though our services are available for you 24/7, you can manage it on your own if you wish.

    Yes, We can! Your website is the first impression your clients receive, and we want it to be updated and well-maintained so that your customers keep coming. For our 24-hour support service, contact our web development support team.

    You stay safe and sound with us as we make the best mobile-friendly websites, in a better way and cost effective than other company in the industry. We ensure that our hard work pays off, and you get a website that runs perfectly on every single platform and device.

    A lot! Your input in the entire process is received through feedback, which will allow us to make the necessary changes needed to provide you with a customised website. We will ask you multiple questions based on what exactly you need, your wants, your brand objectives and your interests. We aspire to provide you with the functionality and the right look.

    This is a good question, indeed! Majority of the firms will give you a rookie developer or an intern to work with. This will compromise your experience with the work and service you will be getting. Some firms will not allow getting in touch with the project manager or developer as per their policies.

    We have a team of experienced developers to work for you according to your personalised guidelines. Your input is highly valued throughout the entire process.

    Well basically, the content for your website is provided by you, as we believe you understand your brand better than anyone else. Your job is to send us every detail of the content you need and then it is our job to make it customer-friendly and engaging website.

    If that’s too much work for you, we also have some of the best content writers in the industry who will ensure that you get the best service for an additional but reasonable cost.

    All our websites are made while keeping SEO in mind. All our designs have compliance with the standard search engine guidelines. It is a recommendation from our end that you keep evaluating your website from time to time to make sure that it complies with the algorithms and the rules of search engines. This is to ensure that your clients and customers find it easy to reach you.

    A customised website for your business is a substantial investment, and we understand that you have a strict budget to follow. Therefore, we have budget-friendly packages for you so that your business gets online and you get a website that not only looks aesthetically beautiful but also keeps your business running efficiently.

    We are just an email away! We are here to help you as much as we can. Our efforts to help you will not end as soon as the work is completed. Our diverse and satisfied clientele is because of our commitment to our clients.

  • Digital Marketing

    We are one of the top digital marketing service providers in the United Kingdom. At Lawyer’s Growth Partners, we have made noteworthy strides in paid search and organic search. Our Digital marketing service comprises of social media, search engine optimization, pay per click, web development.

    Our experts help businesses target their online audience, deliver their powerful message to the audience, and convert their engagement into a meaningful and long-lasting relationship. Most companies require a combination of services. To find out more about our services, get in touch with us. Our experts offer a detailed evaluation of the services that will bring the value to your business.

    Cloud Nine is the one-stop-shop of digital marketing services to meet the needs and expectations of businesses. Most marketing services offer limited digital marketing services; we serve as a single entity covering all the aspects of digital marketing.

    Our agency prepares and execute strategies for pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and web design and development, to provide you with unmatched digital marketing. Our agency builds a bridge between different services and allows our teams to work in unison to provide our clients with excellent results.

    Lawyer’s Growth Partners is open to working with every business, small or large. We aptly connect every project with skilful professionals with ample expertise and experience working on that specific industry. We ensure that your Digital Marketing is dealt with the knowledge of the right professionals.

    Whether you are a small business wanting to reach out to your audience or a large multinational looking to market your new product, we have the team to help your business grow.

    We provide services to Legal Firm, Accountancy Firms, Online Education provider, healthcare, e-commerce and real estate industries, among others.

    Every project is unique to us with this distinct set of requirements and needs. Each project is specific to businesses. We do not have a one-size-fits-all pricing model. Each digital marketing campaign is prepared differently to the industry/business we are catering to, depending on what they want to achieve and how our agency can help reach them there.

    If you want your business to be dealt with expertly with a tailored digital marketing campaign, fill out our contact form or give us a call. Our representative will offer you a custom quote based on your requirements.

    While working on the pay per click projects, our experts dedicate themselves to the continual adjustment, and maintenance of the marketing campaign to derive the most value for your business.

    Our team of PPC professionals keeps a keen watch on the campaign; we continuously monitor and track the performance of the campaign in short and long terms. Each digital marketing campaign is rigorously assessed by reviewing every landing page, keyword, advertisement placement to ensure that your campaign is targeting the right audience with the right approach.

    Each project has a unique set of needs and goals. As a result, our pricing model is different for every project based on its requirements and objectives. We estimate the costs of each project as understood upfront without any hidden fees. To avail a custom quote for your PPC campaign, connect with us directly.

    We perform thorough keyword research to figure out the most profitable keywords for your campaign. Our experts don’t just set up the pay per click campaign for you; they are vigorously performing adjustments to your ad campaign. These adjustments involve but are not limited to, removing negative keywords that don’t bring any value, adding additional profitable keywords, tweaking landing pages, demographic targeting, and advertisement schedule.

    We passionately work on each project and strive to improve the performance of every digital marketing campaign continually. We take projects that want to expand and grow in long terms, while gladly dealing with projects that ask for some quick fixes. In short, you don’t have to be a fit for us, we will mould a solution to fit your specific needs, whatever they may be.

    When working on a social media project, our experts invest themselves in building and improving your online presence. Our social media experts invest enough time to research each brand to fully understand who they are, how they are unique from other competitors, and what their target audience is. We then figure out the ideal means of communication with their target audience through various social media platforms. Our social media campaign is aimed at building the right engagement, resulting in maximum sales conversions.

    It is best if you let your campaigns be handled by professionals. Our social media team is proficient in handling every complication and addressing every aspect of Digital Marketing.

    The primary advantage of hiring a digital marketing agency is ample experience and resources. A digital marketing agency has access to resources, knowledge, experience, and expertise that in-house staff may not have. If you are interested in hiring a digital marketing agency for your Digital media campaign, call us for a free evaluation.

    Your website is your first impression on your clients. We understand the significance of these first impressions, and our work reflects the same. Keeping your requirements and goals in mind, we make each site from the ground up. But before we initiate work on any project, we learn from you what you want to achieve from your website.

    To provide you with a seamlessly developed and designed website, we lay out a timeline at the start of your project according to all your requirements. We aim to give you a website that meets deadlines and exceeds your expectations.

  • CRM Solution

    Different CRM software is suitable for different businesses, and our experts can help you figure out what is best for you. We offer implementation of Clio, HubSpot, Zoho and Salesforce.

    Clio is a Legal Case Management Software that helps lawyers and legal firms. We implement the software, migrate data and also provide training to use Clio efficiently.

    HubSpot is a CRM that you can use for Sales, Marketing and Service functions, among others. We can help you implement this software that is one of the most popular sales and marketing automation and systemization software option nowadays.

    Zoho is Business Software with 45 apps for managing full business processes. Zoho CRM is the most famous product of Zoho, and it is also useful for overseeing Sales and Marketing. We help our clients implement Zoho and also provide training for using it.

    Salesforce is also a CRM that perform the similar functions.

    Clio has two products –  Clio Manage and Clio Grow.

    Clio is a leading cloud-based legal practice management software that offers a wide range of features, including:

    Case Management, Document Management, Billing, Contact Management, Accounting, Calendering, Task Management, Online Payments, Time & Expense Tracking, Law Firm Insights Dashboard, Client Intake, Client Relationship Management, Document Automation & Electronic Signatures, Workflow & Email Automation, Client Intake Insights and Appointment Booking.

    Yes! Clio offers more than 200 integrations.

    You can find out about Clio on its here.

    It contains tools for content creation (website pages, landing pages, blogs), design (marketplace, design tools), SEO, file management, and to connect your website domain. It also includes free HubSpot tools like forms, reporting and live chat.

    It has built-in SEO optimisations like minified JavaScript, compressed images and automatic SSL provisioning. There are also additional SEO features in the CMS.

    It offers various analytics reports that you can utilise to gauge your inbound marketing efforts. Website analytics report will tell you how well your content is performing, and where you need to make changes. Traffic analytics allow you to delve deeper into traffic, engagement and conversions.

    You can find out more HubSpot here and here.

    You can go for À la carte if you want to mix and match different Zoho applications, opt for bundles (CRM Plus, Finance Plus or Workplace) or choose Zoho One. Zoho One is a suite that includes more than 40 enterprise-level online applications. You can use these apps to grow sales, do your accounting, market your business, communicate with customers and teammates, and much more. Apart from it, there are many integrations available.

    It is available in 10+ languages, and the creators of this CRM continue to add more languages.

    Find out more about Zoho here.

    Yes, the Salesforce CRM platform is designed to work with other applications. This allows to provide you with a seamless back-end experience that lets you run your organisation smoothly. Integration with other programs is also offered through their AppExchange in which you can install each app quickly.

    Here are many benefits of Salesforce:

    It is easy, can be integrated with other systems, is based in the cloud, and has automatic updates and improvements. It also offers features that support customer’s needs, is highly customizable, helps your business grow and is an award-winning platform.

    Find out more about Salesforce here.

    CRM system allows your sales and support team to make a better decision by providing them with a few critical reports that they need to analyse their progress. It gives sales funnel analysis report that tells your management what your business can gain or lose. You can also get other reports like Lead to Sell report and Sales Rep to Revenue Report. CRM system offers incoming deals volume report that evaluates several deals recorded over a period. It also allows you to set and monitor revenue goals and forecast your revenue over a set period.

    Central to CRM implementation is sales automation. At the basic level, CRM means adding the contact and account information in an accessible and central place, so that your sales and process is streamlined and accelerated. For example, rather than using sticky notes or using Google Docs and spreadsheets, we want you to have a quick and easy way of dealing with all your business operations.

    CRM systems allow you to route and track leads easily, monitor activities and opportunities and gain better visibility during the deal stage. Implementation of the system helps recording your ongoing relationship with your customers and potential prospective clients. The details involve call notes, call logs, quotes, relevant shared files and deal conversations.

    YES. We seamlessly integrates your preferred accounting software without causing any data loss or increased delays. You can use CRM software for several financial activities such as accessing the financial information of the customer, payment status, purchase history, current balance, and so much more.

    Our CRM experts are well-trained, with each of them having comprehensive knowledge about the implementation of the software.

    The process begins with the software overview. From there, the training of administrators takes place to make sure that your CRM stays well-maintained. Once the initial training is done, our software experts will start customising the database to meet your business needs and requirements.

    Factors that will affect the implementation time of your CRM include several configurations, the number of records, and the numbers of users. If you have few records, then it takes a few days to implement, but with large companies, the seamless implementation of CRM does take time.

    We ensure a seamless CRM implementation to streamline your workflow and boost the productivity and efficiency of your system.

    Each project has different needs and goals, and as a result, we give individual attention to each project to determine its model. Our pricing model depends on factors like the software you choose, the number of people using the software, and the number of licenses you need. The number of training sessions and customisations you ask for will also affect the cost of your CRM software.

  • Sales Support

    Several factors will indicate that your sales team needs sales training. Some of those indicators include steadily declining sales numbers, reduction in return on investment, differing buyer’s behaviours, increasing competition, aggressive sales targets, the introduction of new processes, and shift in sales strategies.

    Yes. We offer customised sales training that helps significantly improving the efficiency of your sales process. We believe in investing time and effort to get to know more about your business, your products and services, customers, sales roles and your position in the market. Then we tailor seamless training modules that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

    Your sales team does represent your company and often plays an invaluable role in driving growth for your company. So, your sales team is crucial for improving your company’s revenue performance. Some of the critical areas where sales skills help in driving revenues include acquiring new business, building upselling skills, and driving account growth. Sales training helps the sales team to improve their skills and so they can sell more services and bring in more revenue.

    Highly experienced and professional sales trainers, consultants, coaches, and experts are skilled. These professional trainers know how to motivate and train your salespeople to improve their performances significantly. Just as you are an expert in your field, professional trainers are proficient in their field.

    Your business will struggle without an efficient sales team. Sales training enables your salespeople to perform better and focus on generating more revenues for your company. Through sales training sales leaders can bring the entire team together and improve their overall performance. Sales professionals learn to adapt and adjust with the continually varying buyer behaviour and keep up with the market trends. To put it simply, sales training helps improving the customer experience while building upon the existing sales skills.

    Yes. We will discuss and drive particular measures based on your objectives. Some commonly used metrics include increased sales, improved transaction size, enhanced customer retention, increased referrals, better contract renewals, number of new accounts, increased margins, and ‘up-sales’ growth.

    Each training program is designed specifically for the client’s objectives, timeline, and budget requirements. We also recommend each client on how to achieve the best from each training program. On average, each training program is spanned over 2-3 days with a minimum of 90 days reinforcement and follow up.

    We provide sales training for employees of different organisations working in various fields such as law firms, accountancy firms, and others. We provide customised training sessions, so your sales team gets well trained to answers customer queries.


    For example, sales training for an legal firm can include goals like: Identify customer needs and provide them suitable legal solutions, Identify the problems of the customer that might hinder their decision making, Build strong relationships with prospects, Make sure that the relationship with the customer moves forward, Set a high standard of parameters and expectations and Track the progress.

    The sales cycle is often elongated because of an extensive negotiation stage. Elongated negotiation stage delays the closing of the sale. Unnecessary delays in your sales cycle can be avoided by few tactics such as handling objection early, making time-sensitive offer, selling to qualified leads first, etc reaching a win-win solution from the earlier stage of the sales cycle.

    As part of our Sales Support services, we offer Sales Training, help clients with Call and Consultation management training, Conversation Optimisation on the website, Lead Tracking for better monitoring of leads, and Analytics & Reporting of Sales statistics.


    We provide sales support services based on your company’s requirements and the objectives you seek to achieve. Contact our team for more details.

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