• Sales Training

  • Your sales performance depends on how your sales staff has been trained. Get excellent sales training and get your team in the best possible shape.

  • Call/Consultation Management

  • To handle calls correctly, your sales personnel need to work pro-actively, and they must possess exceptional communication skills, which they can learn through Call/Consultation Management consultancy.

  • Conversation Optimisation

  • Your organisation’s conversions must be optimised to grow. We make sure that your conversion rate is optimised through effective CRO plan.

  • Lead Tracking

  • Lead tracking is very important for all businesses. Decision makers will struggle taking right actions without it and which might finally cost the business a huge. Monitor leads to know from where the business is coming and focus more there!

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Reporting / Analytics helps organisations in understanding where they stand and how much they need to improve. Keep an eye on your business statics to form better strategy!

Sell More and Grow Your Business

Your firm is only as good as your sales team. This is popular opinion and, yet, is taken for granted by many business owners. The only reason why your firm is not reaching its full potential is that your sales staff is unable to explain the benefits of hiring your services or buying your products to your prospective clients.

At Lawyer’s Growth Partners, as part of Sales Support, we offer you advice and training related to providing Sales, Call/Consultation Management, Conversion Optimisation, Lead Tracking, and Reporting/Analytics. All of these are aimed at increasing your sales so that your business can enjoy the growth.

Our advice and training can help you make more sales by finalising deals through your sales reps. Your sales team needs to understand the concerns shown by the clients, work on their requrirements, follow a structured process and create an effective strategy to handle clients skillfully. The sales personnel should receive specialised training in B2B or B2C.

79% of the businesses believe that live chat service has a positive impact on the sales revenue and the loyalty of the customers.

Approach to Improve Your Sales

Your company’s sales can drastically improve if your sales team acquires the right set of skills. We offer advice and training so that your sales team can become experts at handling sales calls and consultations. Here are some of the critical aspects of sales training:

Basic Sales Training

Sales training is a great way to train a number of sales people or sales managers at once, to ensure that their skill sets are aligned. This includes all the core elements that are required to develop sales skills. All training is bespoke and carried out at your location or at a location arranged by you.

Negotiation Master Class

There is no point in selling if you don’t make money. This includes trading concessions, bargaining power and influencing outcomes as well as other skills that are required for a successful negotiation.

Consultative Selling

Training on consultative selling for deals that are more complex or larger. Consultative selling is a needs-based selling approach that focuses on building a relationship with a customer or prospect, understanding their problems, and developing solutions to their challenges through open-ended questions and active listening.

How to Handle Sales People

Training for business owners on how to deal effectively and efficiently with salespeople.

We have highly experienced and skilled sales consultants and trainers who have experience of working with several companies in the UK and internationally as well. We have the expertise to provide training solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of your firm.

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Improve Your Sales Team Performance

Your sale support team can make or break your entire organisation. Given the right guidance, they can outperform even your best expectations. If you are investing in Digital Marketing, you will be getting more inquiries. However, if your sales techniques are outdated, it is not necessary that more inquiries would mean more sales. This is why your sales team should have the required skill set to ensure that all leads convert into clients and that sales happen.

In-house bespoke sales training is an excellent way of guiding your sales towards the success path. We intend to provide information to your sales team regarding how to deal with leads. Once you incorporate those tectics and techniques, your sales performance will increase.

Our sales trainers and consultants are great at their in-house training courses. We aspire to bring real value to your business through our training programs.

Let’s answer the quandary, how to get sales support right?

Whether you have the best sales team or you have employed powerful trade tools, with right sales strategies, your company can achieve more. The crux of all these strategies is to free up your sales reps and make them utilise most of their time in building rapport with clients and selling and closing deals.

Minimise Administrative Tasks

Help your sales reps to be more productive by reducing their administrative tasks. Structure your process in a way that your sales reps spend their time selling more than crunching down data entries.

Lead Filtration

Identify your target audience and concentrate your time on them. Getting involved with people who are not ready to buy and trying to convince them is a waste of time. Right training should be able to pinpoint the interested leads, and when to funnel these leads to the sales reps.

Communicate and Collaborate

Organisations that understand the importance of information win by helping their sales team to be more productive. Provide lead information readily to your sales reps. Also, ensure the availability of your reps to your target clientele at all times.

58% of the consumers would have a positive view of a brand when brands offer SMS as a channel for communication.
Training and Team Development

Training and team development might not add to your bottom-line quickly, but it will contribute massively. Sales, process and product training or having team-building exercises encourage the exchange of best practices and boost your ROI.

Gamification Strategies

The competitive spirit is inborne, and organisations can tap that by introducing gamification strategies. These strategies help push your sales reps into action and meet their numbers.

CRM System

CRMs should be specific for sales. For prioritising and nurturing leads at their precise stages, choose a system that focusses on your client’s journey so far with you.

86% of the customers will make more purchases than intended if offered exceptional brand communication services.

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