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Business acumen has always been beneficial in running a profitable law practice; small law firm owners sometimes require help as they are not trained in marketing, business development and overall business management. Whether you are a solo attorney or a small practice partner, our in-depth knowledge and years of expertise can help you reach your goals faster. Lawyer’s Growth Partners offers business coaching to law firm owners to assist them in achieving a level of efficiency that will result in increased revenue, make more profit, and run the law firm successfully.

Business Coaching for Lawyers

Grow Your Law Firm!

Being a good or exceptional lawyer is no longer enough in today’s highly competitive legal services industry. You must be excellent at the business of law to expand or even keep your market share. Coaching and Mentoring from Lawyer’s Growth Partners (LGP) can help lawyers achieve their short- and long-term objectives. Our coaches can provide you with a new perspective, expert assistance, accountability, and more. Simply put, the coaches will assist attorneys in developing goals and bringing those goals to life by linking them to action.

If you’re a lawyer seeking a coach, LGP can provide you with a unique mix of experiences and levels of understanding.


The coaching partnership will enable us to work together to produce some genuinely exceptional coaching outcomes.

Coaching Helps Law Firm Owners

Upskill Yourself!

Most law firms have a crucial goal of increasing their profitability. However, law firms often get overburdened with clients’ work. Our aim at LGP is to assist you in focusing on increasing your profitability. Setting goals, assigning and automating jobs, and tracking your company’s key performance indicators are all part of this process. LGP can provide a fresh perspective on your Law firm business strategy while also assisting you in staying involved and accountable.


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What Is Business Coaching For Law Firm Owners?

Law Schools and Universities do not offer classes on managing people, time, or money. Moreover, they certainly do not prepare law students for careers in law firm business and marketing. Business coaching in the legal field is a one-stop shop for law firm owners who want to improve their business awareness, define business goals, and grow as leaders and influencers. It is a one-on-one encounter tailored to your law firm’s specific needs. A law firm business coach can help you enhance your performance and contribute more to your law firm while increasing your personal and professional well-being.

Where Can Lawyers Find a Good Law Firm Business Coach?

While starting your search for a business coach, you can ask your colleagues or friends to recommend anyone. Or, you can even search for “coaching for Law firms”. Hiring a lawyer coach is an investment of both money and time, so don’t hire the first one you come across. Law firms must look for a credible lawyer coach who has the necessary certifications and credentials.

How Can Coaching Help Lawyers And Law Firm Owners? Why Is Coaching More Important Now Than Ever?

Over the last few years, law firm coaching has steadily garnered attention. It is frequently used by attorneys who are confronted with difficulties managing the law firm business. Many consider it a must-have for lawyers who want to increase their productivity and maximise their profit. Coaching can assist attorneys in learning how to stand out and demonstrate their value. Lawyers who receive coaching learn to embrace and exploit technology rather than avoid it. When used wisely, coaching can help law firms to increase their revenue exponentially and increase profit, remaining in complete control of managing the business.

How To Select The Right Law Firm Coach?

There are numerous options available for hiring a law firm coach, but the key is to find the right one. Because coaching is currently an unregulated field, coach qualifications vary greatly. Some coaches are accredited by organisations, while others have no formal qualifications but have a career counselling background. Beyond certifications and capabilities, the critical element to look for in a coach is chemistry. You should trust the person to help you achieve your goals. Furthermore, hiring a coach who has relevant experience in the legal industry can assist you in achieving your goals quickly. Someone who has direct experience with the challenges you’re dealing with could be beneficial, isn’t it?

How Does Attorney Coaching Work At Lawyer's Growth Partners?

Various law firm coaches have different ways of working. Law coaching at Lawyer’s Growth Partners is a step by step approach:

  • Primary Consultation

In an initial consultation, you can discuss your goals, working style, requirements and expectations with the LGP coach. The session will determine whether the LGP coach is the right fit for you or not. It will most likely focus on the specifics of what you want to accomplish and what you’re having trouble with.

  • Follow-up Sessions

Once you agree with your law firm business coach, they may inquire about your objectives and difficulties. Depending upon your goals, growth coaching may continue for months or ongoing.

This procedure is beneficial in and of itself for focusing on specific areas.

  • Confidentiality

In a lawyer-coach connection, trust is essential. When you begin your coaching with LGP, we make sure that we acknowledge the importance of professional relationships, such as confidentiality.

  • Two-way communication

Open communication aids in the management of both LGP coaches and your expectations. You can get the most out of your time with your coach if you feel comfortable discussing your objectives and issues with them openly.

How Will Confidentiality Be Maintained At Lawyer's Growth Partners?

Understandably, most lawyers fear opening up to someone unknown. They fear confidentiality concerns in their coaching conversations. LGP’s coaches follow standards prescribed by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and they maintain strict discretion. If you’re getting into a coaching agreement with LGP, all parties must understand and agree on what types of information will be shared. Before the first coaching session with an LGP coach, this understanding will be formalised in a clear written contract.

How To Measure RoI Of Coaching Program For Your Law Firm?

You hire law firm business coaching services because you have specific goals and objectives in mind. That’s why it’s critical to have a system in place to track your progress and assess your achievement. Having an accountability system can help show you what methods work and which ones need to be changed.

While some of your goals (such as better work-life balance) may motivate emotions, you can and should track quantitative goals. For instance, if you want the coach to help you bring in more clients. You may follow and assess this over time. Our coaches will assist you in collecting and analysing critical data so you can measure the performance and RoI.

What Can You Expect From Lawyer's Growth Partners?

Lawyer’s Growth Partners provides coaching services that go beyond business development. We assist law firms in achieving their objectives, whether it’s gaining more clients, developing new work techniques, changing firm culture, or balancing work and personal life. Our coaches have years of expertise mentoring lawyers. We specialised in providing coaching to Lawyers and Law Firm Owners,  assisting them in developing their business abilities and, as a result, accelerating their growth and profitability.

Are You Ready To Be Coached?

If you are wondering if law firm business coaching is right for you or are you ready to enter into a coaching partnership, ask yourself the below questions:

  • Are you facing difficulties to generate more leads and increasing revenue?
  • Do you think that your law firm business is steady and struggling to grow further?
  • Are you facing difficulties in managing the law firm business?

Answers to these questions are necessary because they will give you an idea of whether do you require help from an expert or not. It will give you a purpose while hiring the law firm business coach. It’s never easy for lawyers to leave their comfort zone and confront your challenges. Once you invest with a purpose in mind, law firm business coaching is usually well worth it in the end.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Coaching Sessions?

Are the activities you are doing now preparing you to meet your career goals for five or ten years from now? LGP coach can help you think about what long-term success looks like and map out how to achieve it. Start the coaching relationship with enthusiasm, flexibility, and an open mind to get the most out of your coaching sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Law Firm Business Coaching

How Does Business Coaching Work in Practice?

Understanding what a coach will accomplish for your business growth planning and practice is imperative for a coaching relationship to work. Lawyer’s Growth Partners coaching will help you clarify your intrinsic “why,” imagine “what” you desire, and execute “how” you’ll get there by setting manageable goals and maybe pushing you beyond your comfort zone.

The main goal of an LGP coach is to help your law firm in shifting the perspective to set attainable goals, break them down into manageable tasks with a timeline, and assist them in achieving these objectives.

Does a Law Firm Business Coach Tell Me What to Do?

The LGP coach’s job is to provide a safe and confidential environment for the law firm owner to reflect on their conduct, consider the measures needed to attain a goal, and practise new methods.

During the engagement, the Law firm owner’s job is to pick an area they want to improve or explore, be willing and open to hearing feedback, and hold themselves accountable for behaviour change.

Do I need to engage with a Law Firm Business Coach forever?

The short answer is NO. You and your business coach will set some clear goals and targets for the immediate and long term at the start of your partnership. You might limit the coach’s services when those objectives are met. You should be able to keep the LGP coach for as long as you desire.

You can discuss additional terms with your coach if you are more interested in a long-term partnership and continuous growth.

Will I definitely make more money if I hire a Law Firm Business Coach?

New clients are critical to the success of any law business, but obtaining and acquiring them requires time and effort. However, you have the freedom to experiment with fresh perspectives and bravery to change certain attitudes and habits. Certainly, our coach can guide you whenever required to develop lead generation and marketing strategies.

It depends on your goals and situation to determine how fast you see the results. But as you are the decision-maker, you have to take action and monetise the coaching. Lawyer’s Growth Partners have years of business experience and can help you take your business to new heights.

Is a Law Firm Business Coach effective in making more money?

When poorly managed law firms miss deadlines more frequently, compromising clients’ interests, high employee turnover disrupts case management, and the financial investment made in associate attorneys is wasted, it is an alarming situation. This shows that you need help. Without the help of a coach, business owners might struggle to manage the situation.  We can help you overcome business obstacles more effectively each time one arises, you will generate more money in the long run.

But as we said before, you are the decision-maker, you have to take action and monetise the coaching.

How Much is the Law Firm Business Coaching Cost?

It would help if you thought of business coaching as an investment to grow your law firm.

Intake Session Fees is £150.00. The monthly Coaching Fees is £600.00. The monthly fee covers two hours of scheduled coaching sessions each month, plus two hours of reviewing documents, reading or writing reports, engaging in other client-related services outside of coaching hours. The hourly rate is priced at £150.00.

The calls/meetings for coaching sessions shall be 60 minutes. Any extra time that goes beyond the coaching session or client-related services will be charged by half-hourly blocks at the pro-rata hourly rate. If the rate change before the agreement has been signed and dated, the prevailing rates will apply.

I do not have time to come to Law Firm Business Coaching sessions. Can we do a quick one-off session?

No. It will not work like that. Make sure you’re ready to give time and effort before you decide to hire a coach. Keep in mind that your Business Coach is not there to provide you with answers or solutions. They are there to listen, ask you tough questions to help you figure out your own answers, and push you to improve your condition. This is a continuous process that cannot be completed in a single session.

Is the Law Firm Business Coach a Business Partner?

No, they are not business partners. A law firm business coach is a professional who helps you discover your true potential and guide you to use your strengths to achieve results. You can contract with LGP coaches to use their coaching or mentoring services, but you can’t make or consider them a business partner.

I worked with another business coach, and he used to come to me for a whole day every month. Do you do this too?

No, we do not require your whole day because 8 hours of continuous coaching is very overwhelming, and it might not be productive too. We rather work in hourly sessions to analyse the problem, discuss the solutions and set precise goals to attain in a specific timeframe.

Law firm coaching at Lawyer’s Growth Partners is a relatively structured and streamlined approach. All of our clients are valuable to us. As a result, we schedule weekly and monthly online coaching sessions in addition to continuing support. You get undivided attention at the comfort of your workplace.

Will the Coaching Session be Online (Skype/Team/Zoom) or in the Office?

Our coaching services are available to clients worldwide over the internet. Furthermore, in this regard, online coaching functions similarly to in-person coaching. A key difference, and a significant one, of working with an LGP coach than anyone in your local area is that you have access to potentially far better resources and expertise.

I haven't got much money, can we do one meeting a month and you charge me less?

The LGP coaches are concerned about your well-being and want you to succeed. We can assist you with all parts of your business, including client acquisition, client experience, articulating the firm’s values, mission, and goals, building processes and procedures, hiring and managing the right people, and more. Therefore, we do not believe in any shortcuts to success. You can choose our flexible engagement model according to your needs, goals and do your own math that what kind of support you require to decide your budget.

Can I talk to a Law Firm Business Coach beforehand?

Of course, Yes. We understand that you will have many questions before hiring a Law Firm Business Coach. You can make a list of all your questions and drop an email to us. Our business coach will arrange an online meeting with you at a mutually convenient time and you can discuss your requirements with them.

My Law Firm business is in a mess. Can a Law Firm Business Coach help me to save it?

Business Coaching from Lawyer’s Growth Partners can assist you to consider what’s working (and what isn’t) in managing your legal practice. For example, you might be facing a lack of good quality leads or less profitable business or poor client service. You just need assistance in making each department efficient.  You can become more organised and generate fresh ideas by working with a coach.

There are law firms that are successful, if they can do it then you can do it too. You just need a helping hand, and we can help you with that.

I've only just started my Law Firm. Is it worthwhile getting business coaching now?

It’s helpful to have a coach beside you about your decision-making process when beginning your own business. That is when you require the assistance of a law firm business coach the most. Because a professional can give you a fresh perspective and steer you in the proper direction right from the start.

Does a Law Firm Business Coach have a magic wand?

No, Business Coaches do not have a magic wand, and coaching doesn’t show wonders in one day. However, there are numerous tools available at Lawyer’s Growth Partners, including our course content, monthly video calls with your mastermind group, expert clinics, and access to the LGP team and community, to mention a few. That will help you to upskill yourself and grow your law firm.

As we said earlier, you are the decision-maker, you have to take action and monetise the coaching.

How much time should I invest in coaching?

It entirely depends on your requirements. You decide what kind of support do you need and how many hours you are willing to invest in coaching. Business Coach will certainly guide you in this process while planning your coaching sessions.

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