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Google Ads Marketing For Law Firms is an excellent way to reach clients who are searching for what your Law firm services. With the right Google Ads strategy, your law firm can break through the noise of flooded marketing and gain a competitive edge. Legal advertising through PPC is an excellent way for attorneys to improve their visibility in the local market. Our Google Ads experts conduct thorough research and figure out ways to differentiate your law firm from your competitors, helping you to shine out in the crowd. We help you increase your law firm’s visibility; generate fresh leads and quality traffic with the help of Google Ads.


Advertise your law firm’s services and obtain new leads by showcasing your website at the top of the search results pages using Google’s paid advertisement platform.

Quick Results through Google Ads

It works!

Google Ads is a strong advertising platform and the fastest way for Law firms to turn online searchers into profit-generating clients. PPC is the quickest way to receive traffic to your Law Firm website. Thus, making it a great choice for law firms that need some business as soon as possible. Our experts diligently follow the bidding process and work upon minute details like using a healthy portfolio of keywords and ads to drive sales from Google searches. The carefully designed campaigns based on your goals, services, budget, keywords and location are expected to improve conversion rates. Once your campaign is approved, it hardly takes any time to show results.

Law Firm Generates Business by Google Ads

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Google Ads have increasingly dominated the search results page. Most legal firms know that paid traffic can supplement Law Firm SEO organic traffic; they understand that prospects now spend more time viewing digital media than traditional media. Our experts design PPC ads campaigns with a strategy focussing on improving your brand awareness and generating quality leads.  Google Ads is a great advertising method for search engines because you can ensure that you are paying for a targeted prospect; it can drastically affect the amount of business your law firm can receive.


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How does the Google Ads campaign help Law firms?

Top Page Placement

For each search that contains commercial intention, search engines showcase ads first. This means that ads will take most of the initial screen space on the desktop, particularly mobile devices, if not completely. Thus, advertising is an effective way if a law firm desires to be seen first on search engines.

Targeted marketing

You will have control over what to market and how to market; running a targeted marketing campaign will attract the types of clients you want to help. You can improvise your law firm online marketing strategy by adjusting the advert parameters.

  • Adding more relevant keywords to increase impressions
  • Adding negative keywords to reduce poor quality leads
  • Adjusting Ad copies to make them more relevant
  • Adding different extensions to make the ads attractive
  • Target area Geographically ( zip codes, region, radius from office, states, countries)
  • Regulate campaign and budget depending on hours of the days or day of week
  • Target mobile users with a call-only campaign

Fast Results

As quickly as a law firm begins a PPC campaign, its visibility and traffic that arrives with it are approximately instant. This is particularly beneficial for firms that need leads immediately if the campaigns are design and executed well.

What are the challenges with Law Firm Google Ads campaigning?

  • Law-related keywords are expensive!

Have you noticed that “lawyer” and “attorney” are the most expensive keywords? Keywords such as “criminal attorney” and “personal injury lawyer.” may cost you a significant amount of money. And this amount is not fixed because the amount may get higher if there is competition while bidding on Google Ads. As the cost is too high, you might give up the paid search altogether if you don’t notice a return soon, do not keep investing if you don’t see results and seek professional help.  If done right, it would start performing in only a few months, and PPC can become a vital channel in increasing your business significantly.

  • Competition is savage

A great level of competition generally goes together with high-priced keywords. Each lawyer in the region is bidding on similar terms and expecting to produce enormous returns, so Google raises those keywords’ prices.

It’s hard to get visibility if you are based in major cities in the country that are filled with many experienced lawyers. It does not mean that you do not get any coverage but based on your bidding, your ads will show up for a limited period of time. The more you spend on ads, the more visibility you get.

  • It takes time to mature the campaign

Google ads campaigns take time to mature. Now, what does that mean? A successful Google ad campaign will take approximately 3 months to mature and nearly 4-12 months to evolve into a powerful campaign. Having said that, if the Google campaign is not recovering your investment in a couple of months, there is a severe problem with your campaign strategy.

What are the essential factors in setting up Google Ads campaigns for your Law firm?

Construct a powerful keyword list

Keywords are at the core of the Google ads campaign. To discover what are those keywords, you need to find answers to these questions. For example, why does your target audience need a lawyer? What particular services are you seeking to advertise, and what search terms do potential clients use when seeking a lawyer associated with those services?

You can start by selecting the main keywords you use to market your legal services on your website. There is a free tool known as the Google Ads Keyword Planner; you can utilise it to find relevant keywords. Enter phrases you believe your prospective clients would use to discover an attorney.

Here are a few sample phrases an injury victim living in London may enter when searching for a lawyer for personal injury:

  • Personal injury lawyer London
  • Injury attorney near me
  • Personal injury lawyer near me
  • London car accident attorney

The Google Ads Keyword Planner tool offers you equivalent phrases to utilise in your ads. It even shows you some essential details, such as:

  • How frequently prospective clients use these keywords in their searches
  • In Google Ads, what is the competitivity of the keyword phrase
  • The approximate cost per click of utilising respectively keyword

Competitor Intelligence

The competition will always be there; it would be wise to analyse the competitor while preparing your legal service campaign. Why make your own mistakes when you have an opportunity to learn from other’s mistakes?

Since with active campaigns on Google Ads, other law firms have previously done their optimisation and testing, you can utilise that data to decrease the risk of your advertising investment. Utilise insights to look at what worked in their ads and keywords to improve your ad campaign.

Is this ethical? Yes, it is. Do you need to pay Google to acquire this information? Not at all! It’s public information that is readily available by utilising third-party tools.

Construct Compatible Landing Pages

Acquiring potential clients to click on your ad is merely the first part of driving conversions. Next, you need to perfect your Google Ads; it is also crucial to provide a better user experience on the landing page.

Numerous law practices direct their Google Ads to the homepage of their website. This makes it very difficult for users to know about the legal service they are looking for, your expertise, achievements and offer; they also struggle to contact you and book an appointment. As a result, the chances are high that they leave the page and search for someone else. As a result, you would miss an opportunity to acquire a lead and lose the money spent on Google Ads. So, you must have a dedicated landing page for each legal service you market.

Use of USPs in Ads

Your firm’s unique selling proposition is what distinguishes your practice from other law firms. In brief, it is a persuasive reason that prospective clients should select your law firm over the others. A powerful USP answers the questions clients may have regarding choosing a lawyer. Powerful USPs helps to generate more traffic from clients who are looking for your particular services. It also pushes back clicks from people who are least interested in your law practice. USPs convince prospective clients in seeing you as the best choice for their legal requirements.

Why do you require an excellent landing page for Google Ads campaign for your law firm?

Before starting with Google ads, you should construct a landing page. Your campaign will struggle to perform well without a good landing page.

You should not transmit paid traffic to dull service pages or your home page. The objective of your web page is to share general information about your legal services. On the other hand, a landing page is designed for a specific purpose: to market-specific service so that prospective clients take action like calling you or filling up the inquiry form.

The landing page contains three vital components:

  • A defined call to action
  • A benefits block
  • Trust indicators

How to create effective Google Ads copies?

You have made a list of relevant keywords, and the next step is to prepare ad copies. You can produce several ad copies and run a test; this will help you discover what ads are performing well compared to others.

Ad copy preparation looks like a small task but requires a lot of research; it is a creative task and requires professional assistance.

Write Ad Copies that:

  • Catch the person’s focus: You should use the language that catches the prospective client’s attention.
  • Respond to the search query: You must include relevant keywords in your Ad Copies. If your Ads are closer to the search terms, the chances are high that you get a high click-through rate.
  • Build trust: You must consider utilising words carefully to build trust. For example, offering a free consultation or a free case evaluation can increase conversions.

How can Call-Only Campaigns increase conversions?

  • It is Faster: Mostly when people go online to search for legal services, they tend to click the number first instead of exploring the website. This immediate contact feature permits people to cut the chase and get the answer to their queries.
  • It is Very Effective: Studies show that approximately 70% of mobile users directly call firms from search results. The remaining will contact a company after receiving more information.
  • It is User-Friendly: Advertising your firm with the help of click-to-call ads is highly user-friendly. People can quickly get in touch with your law firm after finding your ad in search results with almost no trouble and minimal digital touchpoints. There is no requirement to remember the number or fill the inquiry form; they just need to click and call!
  • It Provides More Value: Various people who contact the firm through call-only ads are genuine clients. This indicates that those who are calling your firm through these are interested in hiring your legal services.
  • It Rises Relevance: You receive more relevant traffic as the callers are more genuine. It shows that ads are performing well, the quality score of your ads will also be high.
  • It Doesn’t Need Landing Pages: The law firm can quickly start with a call-only campaign, it works well when the landing page for the service is not finalised yet. You would still require attractive ad copies.

What are the myths that hold back 99% of Law Firms using Google Ads to generate more business?

Google Ads requires a lot of money and so only works for big firms

That’s a Myth. You can start Google Ads with a small budget, and it can work well for your law firm. However, you would require to invest time and resources into building a law firm marketing strategy that generates a return on investment.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Small law firm fails to do proper keyword research, prepare attractive ad copies and manage the campaign efficiently at times, and that is the main reason Google Ads does not work well for them. Whereas big law firms invest in paid marketing carefully, generate revenue from ads and increase the ad spend to attract more leads. They are consistent in their Google ads paid advertisement.

The competition is too intense for my Ads to appear on the first page of the search engine

Based on your Ads quality score and bidding management, google gives an opportunity to everyone ranking their ads on the first page. You can optimise your campaign to bit the competition and rank high.

Various competitors will click my ads continuously, and that will cost me a lot

It is very common to think this way, but thanks to Google’s robust technology, it checks the “invalid clicks” and tracks the IP address plus filters the “Malicious clicks” in real-time, so you don’t have to pay for such unwanted clicks.

How ongoing campaign optimisation improves the performance of Google Ads campaigns?

To get better performance from your PPC campaign, you must keep optimising them. Campaign performance declines slowly if you don’t. The ongoing campaign optimisation can drastically impact the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. The below points show how you can optimise your PPC campaign:

  • Optimise your Keyword List:

    The popularity of keywords used in your campaign can change over time. Also, new keywords emerge, and the old ones get redundant with the evolving Google searches. You can track such changes on various tools such as Google Keywords Planner. Adding the new and relevant keywords to your existing campaign will improve quality score, higher conversion rates and lower CPC.

  • Improve your Click-through rate:

    Try to improve your CTR if it is average or below-average. The best practices to do that would be to edit your ad text, ensure the intent of your ad matches the intent of people searching for your legal services, highlight a USP of your law firm, experiment with unique call-to-actions, and be more specific in your Ads. All these practices will improve your CTRs, and more prospective clients visit the landing page.

  • Test your Ad copy and Landing page regularly:

    Testing your Ad copy is essential. You analyse one to three copies against the current one and improve your Ad copy to improve CTR. The other way is to test the new landing page against the current one. If the new landing page does better, you can replace the old one and improve the quality score.

  • Auction Insights:

    Most of the time, it happens that your competitors outrank you causing you a lower CTR and conversion rates, even after using a majority of the search terms that are relevant to your business. In such cases, change your bidding strategy or increase the bids on your keywords to get more coverage.

  • Incorporate Negative keywords:

    Negative keywords are the keywords that help you limit the ads from showing up for queries that won’t land you clicks or conversions. Including negative keywords is a wise step to reduce your marketing spend on irrelevant leads.

What are the common mistakes law firms make in Google Ads campaigns?

  • Poor keyword choices: Irrelevant keywords and keywords with low search volume are awful news for your campaign’s quality score. In case you are not getting leads, then it’s time to reconsider those keywords. Pause keywords that are not converting. You can carry another keyword research and include fresh new keywords with higher search volumes.
  • Mistargeting: Targeting is crucial when developing a campaign. This assures that you do not pay needlessly for clicks from those who are not your prospective clients. Audience device targeting and Location are a few methods you can use.
  • The bids are either too high or too low: Keep in mind that your ad rank for a provided auction relies on your quality score for the keyword you’re bidding on. So get the basics right, and then bid appropriately. Bidding too high will waste the budget, and too low will not show your ads on search engines.
  • There is not sufficient keyword search volume: In case Google observes that you’re targeting an exceptionally low-volume keyword, they will make the ad temporarily inactive. Utilise the keyword planner tools to discover relevant keywords with more search volume.
  • Your Google Ad groups aren’t correctly focused: You may begin to see problems in case your ad groups are not composed of closely associated keywords. You should produce different campaigns for different services.
  • Poor Google Ad copy: Be certain that the Ad copy you write for any ad includes the keyword for the legal service you market. Try a/b testing various ad copies to see which works, select the ad copy that resonates well with your firm’s target audience. It is good practice to revise the Ad copy when required, especially when buyers behaviour changes frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions on Google Ads Management for Law Firms

Why do law firms advertise with PPC?
  • Better Targeting: It gives an opportunity to show your ads to prospective clients when they are searching for the same services you offer. All you need to do is offer them what they are asking for.
  • Fast Results: You can start getting clicks just in a few hours with Google Ads. We’ve created numerous new campaigns for law practices that began receiving their first client inquiries the same day!
  • It taps into enormous, high-quality traffic sources: Since a huge population uses google to search almost anything and everything, it is the best platform to advertise legal services.
What should be the budget for my Law Firm Google Ads Management service?

Experience service providers charge either fixed fees or percentage fees based on your monthly spending. You should plan to invest at least £500 to £2000 for reliable Google Ads campaign management service.

How much time would it take to get results from Google Ads campaign?

Google Ads campaign preparation takes little time as a professional need to understand your legal service, do keyword research, prepare ad copies, prepare landing page, set up an account, develop the campaign. It may take 2 to 4 weeks. Once the campaign is live, you can expect leads coming in few days. It takes at least 3 months to optimise the campaign when you start getting the best ROI.

What are the Google Ads Management Service Contract Terms?

Many digital marketing agencies prefer to have 12 months contracts as they spread their cost over the term. However, we do not tie our clients for long term contracts; we offer 3 months rolling contracts. We provide value, and that is why our clients stay with us without a long term contract. We offer a discount on a long term contract, and you can discuss it when hiring our services.

Does Google Ads work for Lawyers?

Yes, it does. Google Ads are effective at delivering quality traffic and leads for law firms. Through keyword targeting, Google displays your ads only to those searching for legal services you offer. Google Ads:

  • Increase the visibility of your Ads
  • Generate traffic to your landing page quickly
  • Offers flexibility with budget
How much do law firms spend on Google Ads?

It depends on your revenue target and the type of legal services. There are law firms that spend £2000 / month, and there are firms that spent more than £100,000 / month on Google Ads. Our expert will suggest how much you should invest in getting results based on competition and your revenue target.

How should I evaluate the success of my PPC campaign?
  • CTR: The CTR is one of the most closely watched metrics by PPC experts. You can calculate it by splitting the number of persons who click on your ad by the number of people who see it. An excellent CTR means that your target audience has found your ads helpful.
  • Quality Score: It is an excellent indicator of whether the blended performance of your ads, landing page, and keywords is good or not. It offers an understanding of how well Google perceives your ads. The more appropriate your campaign to the users’ search queries, the greater your quality score.
  • Cost Per Conversion: CPC is vital in deciding how much you have to invest to gain a new client.
  • Bounce Rate: The Bounce Rate can show whether you require to optimise your landing page or now. A high bounce rate means prospective clients clicked the ad but did not find relevant information on the landing page, or it was not enough for the prospect to call you or fill the inquiry form.
Which is a better approach in marketing law firm services? SEO or PPC?

Both SEO and PPC are necessary, depending on the firm’s requirements. If you need quick traffic to your website and results, you can go for PPC and if you need organic traffic and can wait for at least 6 months, then opt for SEO. Both are important at some point in time. SEO is a slow and time-consuming process but gives very good results in the long run; PPC offers quick results but costs you more comparatively.


Can I do PPC myself, or should I hire a professional?

You can do PPC on your own if you have knowledge about paid campaign management. Unfortunately, law firm owners often set up and run campaigns on their own, spend money, and do not get results, and think that PPC is not working for them. Google Ads works for many law firms, so it should work for you too. You can spend all your time by doing yourself if you have. But do not feel shy about hiring professionals when you think that your efforts are not working. Professional Google Ads managers are trained and experienced doing one thing, which is paid advertisement.

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