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Content Writing for Law Firm is an essential element in marketing. With a strategic marketing approach, legal content marketing aims to create exceptional and original content that attracts your potential customers. Effectively positioning your law firm as an expert over the internet can garner trust and generate quality leads. Law firms creating client-focused content have multifold chances of increasing revenue and growing clientele.

Share valuable content with potential clients

Because they consume content!

By producing and sharing helpful content, you increase your chances of gaining trust with the prospects. Moreover, client-centred content offers valuable information to answer a prospect’s basic doubts and helps you stay on top of their minds. Hence, publishing consistent, high-quality, and search engine optimised content is essential for ranking higher on search engines.

Today, proving valuable content is an absolute must for any industry. Expert insights and helpful information connect your law firm with your target audience without pitching unwanted marketing messages.

In addition, the right content marketing strategy will give you a cutting-edge amongst your competitor law firms.

Law Firm generates leads with blogs

It's time to start content marketing!

Starting a legal blog and using it to increase your leads is essential in today’s scenario. Every blog post gives you an opportunity to convert traffic into a quality lead. Search engine optimised legal blog posts play a major role in the success of law websites. An ideal blog post should address the questions and issues faced by prospective clients who might read the content and develop an interest in your legal services.


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Why is Legal Content marketing important for your law firm?

In the last decade, we see that technology has changed the market dynamics in the legal industry. People looking for hiring legal services are consuming online content more nowadays. Legal Content Marketing enables Law firms to attract clients faster and easier. Today more than 85% of people conduct online research before making a purchase decision, be it B2B or B2C. It makes it imperative for any firm to have a focussed Legal Content Marketing Strategy.

A well defined legal content strategy can land you great benefits when the other marketing strategies fail. Nowadays, people are turning their back to traditional advertising methods such as radio, television, print media, billboards, etc. Therefore, if your law firm is not marketing services the way your target market wants, the chances of attracting clients are less. However, an optimised content marketing strategy attracts clients like a magnet and increases the likelihood of establishing a connection with them.

What are the benefits of content marketing for your law firm?

Content Marketing offers many benefits to your law firm because it is the strategy that answers the audience’s questions. It establishes your authority, builds credibility, and strengthens your reputation.

It helps you in the below three spheres:

  • SEO – You can improve a website’s organic rankings by optimising the content on your law firm website. Having informative, in-depth, and keyword optimised blogs will improve your local search rankings and, thus, land you on the top spots on Google.
  • Reach – Apart from reaching the target audience, legal content marketing can expose your firm to a huge general audience as well. Since the published content is easily shareable, people are likely to share informative and interesting content in just a few clicks.
  • Visibility – Legal content marketing is a powerful tool to improve your brand visibility and awareness. Your law firm can improve its brand visibility by frequently posting informative and interesting content to your target clients.

What content strategy your Law Firms should adopt for marketing?

An ideal legal content strategy for your law firm should be focused on planning, creation, delivery, and update of content on a regular basis. A well-executed content strategy would save a good amount of your marketing costs and deliver real value at the same time.

Here are a few steps to create a highly functional Legal content Strategy:

  • Define your Objective: A content marketing strategy caters to a variety of objectives. Whether you want to attract traffic or improve engagement, you must define your goal very clearly. Since different types of content generate different results, clearly defined objectives can help you produce relevant content.
  • Keyword research: Using high ranked keywords can drive organic traffic to your website. Hence identifying the related keywords using various tools is an important step while producing content. Keywords may describe the services you offer, or these could be the terms your target audience is searching for.
  • Market/Competitor Research: Doing competitor research is a must before producing any type of content. The legal content on your competitors’ websites can ignite new ideas for your content marketing strategy.
  • Create Content: Writing compelling content is indispensable for any law firm. Keep in mind what Google wants as well as what your target audience desires. A blend of both motives will help you create excellent content.
  • Create a schedule: Consistency is as important as quality in content marketing. Publishing your content on a regular basis improves the effectiveness of your legal content marketing strategy.
  • Market your Content: After publishing, it is important to market your content on different platforms to generate more traffic. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., are a few popular places to distribute your content.
  • Assess Results: A content marketing strategy is not a one-time plan. It is an ongoing process that needs updates and edits from time to time. Your law firm must track the progress of your content to determine what is working and what requires changes.

What Content Your Law Firms Should create?

Any law firm that wants to attract clients online must create content that helps to express the brand’s voice. Every piece that you write must be well-researched, search engine optimised, and original. It must also address the queries of your target audience.

Some examples of types of content that your Law firm should create are:

  • Blogs
  • White Papers
  • Podcasts
  • eBooks
  • Research Reports
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Website Pages
  • Infographics
  • Newsletters

Content is actually made up of different pieces that combine to become something great in a content marketing strategy. Also, publishing different types of interesting content increases the engagement level with your potential clients. Hence it is important to incorporate the above in your legal content marketing toolkit.

Why is keyword research very important for content production?

Content without keywords is as useless as a glass hammer. Keyword research is critical while producing content because it tells search engines like google about what is discussed on your web page. Additionally, you would discover what type of content people are searching for on the internet. Effective use of keywords improves the efficacy of the existing or new content.

Keyword research not only helps in optimising a website but also enhances UI, general navigation, service selection and caters to other critical areas. Therefore, spending your time on Keyword research always pays off in the form of valuable traffic. However, instead of stuffing the keywords, your law firm should build your content based around them. This makes the content interesting to read, and as a result, you would reduce the bounce rate on your law firm webpage.

What makes your law firm stand out from the competition?

The cut-throat competition in today’s legal market requires you to think out of the box. You can be great at practising law and bring good results for your clients but sharing what you do and how you help clients will help your law firm attract more clients. There are multiple ways your firm can shine out in the legal industry. However, since the world has digitised, and so have the processes, let’s look at some ways you can leverage the power of the internet to beat your competitors.

  • Testimonials: Getting your happy clients to write about you on your website and the internet also influences your position in the business market. People believe real results and customer testimonials also help in highlighting your USP’s organically. Please share this with your target audience; it helps the potential clients to make a hiring decision.
  • Client support: Prompt responses from your support team always impresses the clients. Whether it is a small query or expert advice, being an accessible law firm will give you a competitive edge amongst your competitors. You should convey this message to the target audience while marketing your services.
  • Blogging: Offering valuable information through blogging is another creative strategy to be distinctive in the legal industry. People love reading, and if you are even answering their queries or offering guidance through your blogs, they are surely going to remember you.

How to promote, track and update the content of your law firm?

A full-fledged content marketing strategy does not simply require writing and publishing content. Many other important aspects, such as content promotion, content analysis, etc., are a part of the strategy.

If you want your content to serve its purpose, you must promote it. There are several ways to promote your legal content, including email broadcasts, social-media networks, paid ads, influencer marketing, and guest blogging.

You can create awareness and educate audiences through your content. And, the reach of the content must be measured to track the success. The metrics that help you measure your content performance are Web traffic, Engagement, User behaviour, Click-through-rate, and Lead generation.

Many clients rely on your website for useful legal information. Thus, keeping your content updated helps in building trust with your target audience. So, you should update your website content whenever required.

Why the cost of content marketing is an investment? How will it help save money in the long run?

Compared to the traditional marketing tactics, legal content marketing is more cost-effective and generates more conversions. An advertising campaign generates results as long as it is live; however, the content you create and publish works is forever. With some tweaks and updates, the content looks as fresh as ever. This is why successful law firms never stop content marketing. It increases your brand awareness and loyalty.

Additionally, the content marketing results vary for different law firms, but you start seeing results within 6 months of your content marketing efforts. So it is an ongoing process that helps you deliver superior results in the long run. A simple and steady approach creates substantial results that continue to grow for years to come. Thus, investing in content marketing is important when you build an impressive online media presence.

How to get your law firm started with content marketing?

To jumpstart your law firm content marketing, you can either produce in-house content or hire an agency that will do everything on your behalf. Whatever you decide, the below tips help you to get started with your content marketing.

  • Document your strategy: Just like your company’s mission and vision, documenting your content marketing strategy is essential for any law firm. A strategy clearly defines your objectives, goals, time period, and desired results. Without a documented strategy, your law firm will never be able to know whether your strategy is working or not.
  • Know your Target audience: Identifying your prospective client helps your firm create content that directly speaks to them. While crafting your content marketing strategy, you must list down your target audience, what legal topics they are interested in, their queries, possible solutions, etc.
  • Simplicity is the key: Your legal content must be easy to read and comprehend, as most people love to read about law issues but do not want to go into the complexity of the subject. The simpler the content, the more the traffic.
  • Be consistent: Consistency is very important in content marketing for law firms. People do not embrace outdated content and old websites. Instead, they love websites that publish engaging and diverse content regularly.
  • Refurbish your content: Creating compelling content is not an easy task. Thus, refurbishing your legal content saves you time and effort and increases your chances of reaching new audiences. For instance, creating a YouTube video from a blog post can help you to attract more audiences with the same content.

Why Are Regular Updates On Your Law Firm Website Essential? It Is Not A One-Time Investment.

It is a misconception that website creation is a one-time investment; updating the website for better engagement and reach is ongoing. It is essential to keep your website updated because your competitors are working on their website already. If your website is outdated and doesn’t have the latest information to offer prospective clients, then there are chances that you will stop generating leads.

If the website is not updated, some repercussions need to beared by the firms:

  • The web security issue that may welcome hackers
  • Non updated content may lead to increased bounce rate and no client conversion.
  • Lack of keyword addition in the content as per the latest search may lead to a lack of enough traffic.
  • The non-updated design may not attract potential clients.

Hence, it is necessary to regularly update the website for more traffic and a better conversion rate.

Frequently Asked Questions on Legal Content Writing for Law Firms

Why do law firms get content marketing wrong?

There can be multiple reasons owing to a wrong content marketing strategy. First, you must understand that content marketing is a lot more than just creating content. Most law firms confuse the term content production interchangeably with content marketing. However, content marketing for a law firm includes many other aspects such as strategy, planning, marketing, and assessment. Apart from the above, content strategy includes keyword research, optimisation, and consistent publishing. Some lawyers choose to share information on particular law but is it something your clients wants to know? It will be a waste of effort if your content strategy is weak.

How much does it cost to produce content?

The cost to produce content for a Law firm depends upon a lot of factors such as size, scope, and the deadline for the project. Every content marketing strategy is different, catering to different objectives. Additionally, every content project is tailored to the firm’s individual needs, so the costs vary. You can make an inquiry with experience legal content writers for the quote. Hiring an incompetent writer to produce content will not only waste money but negatively impact your marketing campaigns.

What should be the budget for my law firm content marketing?

The budget for any law firm’s content marketing would depend upon some intrinsic factors such as the size of the law firm, its services, scope, and marketing strategy. However, experts recommend dedicating around 2%-8% of your firm’s revenue to content marketing. Your Law firm website is the face of your legal operations; hence investing in a good content marketing strategy is extremely crucial.

What kind of involvement of your law firm is required to produce performing content?

Whether you are hiring an agency or producing content in-house, your law firm should be involved in every stage of content production. Reputed Content marketing agencies keep you updated about every stage of your content strategy. This helps you to be aware and updated every time something is published on your behalf. You understand your firm better than others; you should share this information with the content writer to take the right approach and produce content aligned with your brand.

Which channels will your law firm be posting content on?

A law firm must pay keen attention to the marketing channels it uses. The platforms your law firm will be posting the content on would depend upon its target audience and its resources. Majorly there are 3 types of content distribution channels – Owned, earned, and paid.

Owned media channels are the ones owned by your law firm, such as your website, newsletters, email broadcasts, podcast, webinars, etc. Earned or shared media channels are where people share your content for free such as guest blogs, podcasts, online platforms, and social media groups. Finally, paid distribution channels include media that needs to be paid for sharing your content. These include PPC advertising, influencer content, sponsored advertising, and social media ads.

How often will your law firm be posting content?

The efficacy of your content is highly determined by your law firm’s consistency in posting content. Developing a content strategy and a content calendar is imperative for maintaining consistency and staying scheduled. Ideally, a law firm should post at least thrice a week with a regular posting and gap times in between.

What action do you want potential clients to take while reading your content?

Building a highly functional content marketing strategy would focus on reaching more prospects. However, the ultimate aim of any law firm is to land more clients and increase revenue. You can attract potential clients through your engaging content, but you want your clients to take action while reading content. This can be done by using the right call-to-action keywords. You can ask your prospective client to call you or fill the inquiry form for assistance. This way, you would be able to generate more leads.


How would you know that your law firm content marketing is working?

There are various metrics to measure the success of your legal content marketing. Although there is no magic formula to predict exactly when your law firm will start seeing the content marketing results, these metrics at least empower you to keep track of your content marketing efforts. You start seeing your content marketing results through improved search rankings, increased traffic, better conversions, improved revenues and enhanced brand awareness. If nothing of the above is visible, it’s time to change your legal content marketing strategy.


Should your law firm create content in-house or hire an agency?

You can consider the other tasks involved while producing content; if you think you can do it alone, you can produce content on your own. If not, you can consider hiring an agency to eases the responsibility of planning, researching, creating, promoting and updating your legal content. The agencies take all the burden leaving you time and resources to concentrate on other important matters. Content marketing agencies have professional expertise and years of experience delivering quality content. They cover all aspects of content marketing, which otherwise you might miss.

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