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Lawyers have much responsibility on their shoulders – people expect them to do a brilliant job every time. This is why you need to think ahead of your competitors and beyond providing standard legal services.

Your law firm is your brand, and it is the most important thing when it comes to the success of your work. A law firm needs a good branding strategy. After all, branding is what will create a unique identity.

Why does your law firm need its individual identity? Well, the reason is simple. The industry is saturated, and you need to be better to stand out from the crowd. Branding helps you create and maintain an identity that represents your vision, mission and core values. It also enables you to speak volumes about you to your target audience, having a significant impact on how they receive you.

“My new law firm just needs a fresh logo”.

If you are new to the industry, you will need to start from the beginning. Most people believe that the logo is all they need. While it is a good place to start, a logo alone would not get you the recognition and results that you desire. You need to think much more broadly and take the necessary steps to develop your brand.

Get More Leads with Rebranding

If your branding efforts have not been fruitful enough in the past, we can do the rebranding for you. Rebranding does not mean just refreshing your previous material – it means recreating all the elements of branding to make sure that they represent your business ideology in the best possible way.

A 2012 study by The Research Intelligence Group found that 76% of 4,000 adults used online resources during their search for a lawyer.

Effective Branding Gets You More Clients

It speaks volume about who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Your brand represents your philosophy that your law firm represents. Each and every member of your law firm should recognise and connect to these aspects of your business. So should your customers.

We believe in investing time and effort into communication with our clients. This means that we will spend plenty of time getting to know you better in our Vision Meetings.

By fully understanding what you need and guiding you on every step of the way, we collaborate with you to create the identity that suits your law firm. The next step is to market your brand, passing a broad message on how your potential customers view and understand you as a law firm, and why they should choose you over the other options.

A Brand Is Not Just A Fancy Logo and A Good-Looking Website – It Is Much More

Our branding services will enable you to reach out to more prospective clients, and include:

Brand Identity

A brand identity is a rewarding channel for you to communicate with the world, show everybody how you are different from your competition, and build a brand experience that motivates individuals to engage with you.

It is up to you how well you use brand identity. Brands stars, like Apple, have transformed their brand identity into art. Others like Casper utilise it to enter the playing field. One thing is common among all the successful brands: their brand identities exude confidence. They reflect that the brands know who they are, what they do, and why they do it. With a strong brand identity in place, they use every element of their branding to communicate their message.

If your law firm has a weak brand identity, it is highly unlikely that you will succeed. This is because this shows that either you don’t know who you are or you don’t know how to communicate it well. Either way, this is bad for your law firm.

Web Design

Our leading experts can provide you with the most comprehensive, professional, classy and useful web design for your law firm website. We can arrange SEO optimised content to make sure that you get the most out of it. With the usability kept in mind while designing the website, we ensure that the site performs well, too.

Research shows that digital campaigns get as much as 62% better results, particularly when they are accompanied with strong branding.

Strong Branding and Your Success Go Hand in Hand

If you want your law firm to succeed, you should create and nurture a brand identity that puts across your core values most accurately. Your brand identity should also be flexible so that it can evolve with you.

To create the most effective brand identity, you need:

  • A detailed thinking and planning process
  • A team of experts having the necessary design and communication skills
  • A deep, flawless understanding of the brand

Branding should be utilised in a way that works for both your internal team and your external contacts and customers. To do this, you should ensure that your brand identity is:

  1. Unique – It grabs the attention of people and stands out from the crowds.
  2. Memorable – It leaves a deep visual mark.
  3. Flexible – It has the capability to grow with the brand.
  4. Cohesive – Each element adds to the brand identity.
  5. Easily Applicable – It is perceptive and easy for the designers to use.

While this may seem difficult, with the correct guidance and professional help, you can get amazing results.


Strong Branding Helps Your Business Get Noticed

As opposed to the common misconception, brand identity does not just revolve around a logo or a colour palette. When you design your brand identity, you are doing much more than creating a logo – you are creating a detailed visual language which will be used for everything, including your website, print advertising and packaging.

A brand identity typically includes:  Logo, Colours, Typography, Photography, Iconography, Interactive elements, Video and motion, Web design.

If your brand identity has even one of these elements missing, it will be very difficult for your brand team to perform well.

We can design a logo for your law firm which is creative, communicative and well-designed, as well as being unique, fresh and memorable. It is a visual representation of your corporate identity and the first thing that your potential customers will notice about you. We understand the importance of designing the perfect logo that is a symbolic embodiment of all the knowledge and services that you offer, so you can trust us to design it perfectly.

Our team of digital marketing experts and business strategists know how to design and implement carefully-planned, effective and optimised digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms to help your law firm grow and succeed.

Let Us Help You

A good brand strategy will link your law firm with the qualities that make you unique in the eyes of potential instructing clients. It will communicate your business ethos, and help your content marketing strategy, your website design, internal and external communications and your PR strategy. Undoubtedly, competitive branding can be game-changing for your law firm, and we can help you with this!

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