Effective Sales Strategies Grow the Business

Imagine if every member of your team brings new business whether from existing clients or the new ones, how dramatically your turnover would grow? However, most modern lawyers and law firms share one common weakness, and that is their inefficiency to sell.

The legal minds of these people instinctively develop a logical, persuasive case, utilising the solid evidence and targeted at a rational fellow expert. This thought process doesn’t work in selling because the minds of people work differently: their buying habits don’t depend on rational reasoning. This means that law firms are unable to exploit the full potential.

To help these rational minds sell better, we train the lawyers to:

– Efficiently handle any objection
– Answer the questions in the right way
– Help identify the common sales mistakes
– Understand the science behind a successful sale.

Your skilled and trained sales professionals can help take the burden off partners’ shoulders and thus, remove the stress and anxiety related to your business growth.

Make Every Lawyer A Part of Business Development

As part of Business Development, law firms should explore and implement strategies to increase their cross-selling and upselling. Lawyers should focus more attention and efforts into sales training because that can help them grow. Remember that you would require client to practice law. So, providing right legal advice is important but acquiring a client is also important.

Building a capable sales team can accelerate your success more than you would expect. Like any other business, selling is also crucial in the legal industry. If lawyers want their career to skyrocket, they should learn the skill of bringing in more business from their clients. However, keep in mind that sales are not just a skill set that can be learned: to be able to increase your turnover significantly, you need to comprehend the principles which govern the buying behaviour and purchasing decisions of the individuals so that you can leverage these to increase your law firm’s turnover.


Some Sales Strategies for Lawyers

Apart from sales training, we can boost your sales efforts by extracting, interpreting and sharing all the necessary information about your target clients. This knowledge can help you obtain a strategic insight which can be used for a more comprehensive and persuasive selling process.  We offer following sales training programs:


Selling over the phone requires a separate set of skills and implementation of bespoke Telesales strategy. Our telesales training educates on the vital skills and tactics needed to make a successful telephone sale. We train the sales teams to improve their telesales pitch, utilise an efficient sales strategy and enhance their sales figure and conversion rates.

Sales Negotiation

Negotiation is critical for customers to manage their resources and reach their goals; you must provide customer satisfaction, and also maintain margins and profitability. Our negotiation tactics help you strengthen your relationship with your prospects and reach a win-win solution for both the parties.

Consultation Management

Sales training offers you the tactics and techniques for face to face selling. It helps you identify the right approach and reinforce the right approach. Our sales training enables you to convey your message persuasively and clearly. Our professional sales trainers will show you how to interact with your client the first and how to leave a lasting impression on them.

Strategic Account Management

Selling to existing customers is much easier than selling to new customers. With our strategic account management training, you can gain more significant revenue, high client satisfaction and growth of profits. Your sales team will gain crucial expertise and knowledge needed to increase account growth and foster relationship with existing accounts.

Unleashing the sales potential of your lawyers and arming them with the right tactics to achieve improved growth for your firm.

Improve your Sale Performance and Grow Your Law Firm

Our winning sales team has helped many businesses in dealing with many objections from prospects belonging to every line of business. We can train your sales team to equip them with all the skills and knowledge that they need to perform optimally.

Almost 62% of legal marketers are engaged directly in the business development efforts of their firms.

To ensure that we are on the same page as our clients, we hold a detailed Vision Meeting with them before starting the project. This is where we get all the information that we need to identify your target market and your goals. We ask you any questions that could help us improve our strategy for your business generation and growth, and offer our expert advice to make sure that you are well-informed. We believe in transparency, so we always keep you in the loop.

Let Us Help You

We are a London-based business consultancy and digital marketing agency that can enable your law firm to generate significant business online through a range of services, including providing efficient Sales Support Services. You can get our help regardless of where you are located in the UK or beyond.

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