CRM Can Boost Law Firms’ Growth

Customer Relationship Management or CRM software is a software that is used for the management of a customer related information and communication. CRM helps the business in management of efficient customer interactions, lead tracking, and streamlining various processes within the team. The overall goal, however, is to improve sales and operations by using the information available on system.

100% of large law firms (over 700 lawyers) have a CRM, while the figure is 44% for small law firms. Which group do you want your law firm to be in?

There are many law firms don’t opt for CRM. The reason behind this is that lawyers usually don’t find time for this, and many have a misconception that putting in data into a CRM system may be a waste of time. Many of the lawyers have not realised the importance of having a CRM in their firms and have not been able to exploit its usefulness and relevancy over the years.

However, expert analysts believe that it is high time that lawyers should consider having CRM in their law firms. The reason is that these systems can add an impressive amount of value. The issue of incorrect data entry that threatens to affect the effectiveness of CRM systems can be easily dealt with. CRM systems have dramatically improved with time by making the process simple, minimising inaccuracies and any other problems that companies may have encountered.

Manage Your Business Efficiently Through CRM

You need to maintain strong customer relationships for your business, especially for a law firm. However, this task becomes extremely difficult due to the huge number of customers and clients. A good CRM solution solves this problem by providing a solid platform where you can store customer information, details of communications with customers and analytics. All of this is done within a centralised database that can be accessed anywhere and at any time by the users.

CRM systems can help your law firm with these four needs of your business:


They can help you create and assign leads, view client history, keep track of where each client is in the cycle of sales, and keep an eye on all the accounts.


They can enable you to keep track of sales as well as case management, Clio has great features helping you to manage cases.


They can assist you in the management of your marketing campaigns, qualify leads and even send targeted emails.


They can enable you to view trends, know and understand the details of your present and future tasks, and also create and maintain customised reports for a detailed analysis.

In short, CRM software includes a broad range of applications. You can utilise these to manage many of your law firm’s business processes, including clients and contacts, employees and partner relationships.


Implement CRM Correctly for Good Results

Any business needs marketing, and law firms are no different. In today’s internet-driven world, traditional marketing has limited effectiveness. This is why you should work on your online presence and customer engagement if you want to make your mark in the current industry. It is essential to adapt to the rapidly changing business world and grow in alignment with industry trends and requirements. To do this, you would require information management system and CRM does that!

2018 marked an all-time high for CRM utilization at law firms with 77% of firms reporting that they have a CRM system. This trend is growing each year.

If you want your clients to be happy, you need to nurture your relationship with them, as this is the main aspect by which clients judge a company. If you fail to engage effectively with your customers, this may cause you a loss in your firm’s reputation.

A good CRM system can also enable you to monetise every lead that you capture. That being said, to enjoy the benefits, law firms (and any other company that wants to use a CRM) must implement it correctly. If you don’t give preference to quality, you may end up doing more harm than good. This is because bad CRM can:

  • Lead to distrust in clients
  • Produce incorrect and irrelevant data
  • Destroy the client-firm relationship
  • Waste your money

Why CRM is Important for Law Firms

Any law firm has to deal with a wide range of clientele, so it is clear why they would need a more organised system than spreadsheets for managing their customer relationships.

An automated solution can offer lawyers the resources and tools that they might need in the areas of customer service, sales and marketing. This not only increases the generation of leads but also revolutionises their law practice. Law firms can reap the following benefits from a good CRM solution:

  • Clear communications – through a centralised database of all the client information and various marketing automation tools.
  • Record maintenance – making it easier for different attorneys to add, maintain and access the records without any hassle.
  • Workflow automation – which reduces training time for new employees through automated workflows and allows you to keep an eye on different areas of your law firm.
  • Client retention and relationship-building – through regular, timely and effective communication, and tools for creating appealing emails and getting reminders for them.

Clio Grow is a legal client relationship management (CRM) software that transforms the way you engage with potential and existing clients. We have the expertise and resources to offer you the CRM solutions for your law firm.

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