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A good email template design can make a big difference to your business. It can “make or break” your entire email marketing campaign, building and designing an email template is a time-intensive job. Email template design is about more than being on brand – it’s all about results and employing creativity to drive click-through. That’s why our specialist designers are completely results-focused, committed to ensuring that every email design makes an impact, engages your audience, is easy to navigate and demands action.

We believe that the purpose of a responsive email template design is to improve conversions and provide great aesthetics to the user’s overall experience.

High-Quality Email Marketing gives your business the boost that it needs!

Good Email Template Requires A Thorough Understanding

Lawyer’s Growth Partners takes pride in its efficient works ethics that we have been following for many years while improving the process along the way. Our designers make sure that they get involved with you in understanding your interpretation of a superb email template and making tweaks and improvements around the edges, if needed, to deliver a premium quality design.

We believe that our clients are capable of generating creative ideas as well. They understand their business and its objectives better than us, and it is our responsibility to present those values through our designs and let them resonate among your customers.

81% of businesses still depend on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% rely on it for customer retention.

Step-By-Step Approach to Develop Best Email Template

The first step is  to understand what objectives our clients are trying to achieve and what are they expecting from us. In this process, we interview our clients to provide us with the details of their business, the strengths, and how they want their consumers to perceive them.

We also provide suggestions to our customers and give them valuable insights regarding email marketing that for us have served the purpose effectively. Once the project details are finalised, designing process starts at full swing.

Design Approval

After we have carefully understood and analysed your requirements and project necessities, we create a framework that ensures that all the elements of your requirements are placed appropriately and according to how you imagined it to be.

In this process, we are in constant communication with clients. We believe clarity and transparency are key here, and we want you to be as involved as you can so that all the necessary changes and issues are addressed before they become more difficult to address.

Development Integration

Once you are satisfied with our work and demo design, our dedicated developers will start converting the design into executable and presentable template.

Some of the key areas that our designers are efficient at include:

  1. Importing templates from external design sources
  2. Copying HTML codes from landing pages
  3. Copying HTML from your existing templates
  4. Using library of email design templates
  5. Viewing and validating the emails devices on more than 45 devices

Why responsive design is a ‘must-have’

The numbers speak for themselves: 47% of emails are now opened on mobile devices, according to a study of over 250 million opens worldwide by email analytics providers Litmus. That statistic speaks volumes not only about mobile device adoption, but also about how comfortable we’ve become consuming email on the go. Some of the benefits of having responsive designs are:

  • Enhanced User Experience. When you incorporate responsive design in your email, your readers are able to access it while they’re on the move.
  • Increased Conversion Rate.
  • Bigger Sales.
  • Higher Click-to-open Rate.
  • Reduced Unsubscribe & Spam Complaint Rates.

We provide our clients with the assurance that our designs will deliver correct rendering on all web browsers and email platforms.

Did you know that the average expected ROI is £42 for every £1 you spend on email marketing?

Email Campaign Monitoring is Important

We provide some of the most excellent email monitoring services helping you improve your campaign. We believe that our work doesn’t end once the email template has been provided. It is our responsibility to ensure you get the right results as well.

Once the template has been created, you can gain our email campaign monitoring services and take a sigh of relief, as now it is our job to make sure that we identify issues and overcome those in future assisgnments.

We also share some of the tips with our client and explain how we can help our clients grow bigger and better, as per our organisation’s culture of knowledge sharing.

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Let our design team create Best Email Templates

Creating the perfect email design – one which reflects your brand, is structured to achieve your marketing goals and which is optimised for desktop, mobile and the many different email clients out there is a challenging task.

We make the email design process painless. Complete our quick briefing document, send over any existing assets you have and our expert design team will craft the perfect design for you.

We have right tools and techniques to bring the quality you expect from an ideal email template design. We want our clients to grow and make a statement in the business world by engaging their customers in the best possible way.

Get your gorgeous looking email design created. Call us and share your ideas with us TODAY!

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