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Business events are essential for companies to establish their brand recognition and create awareness about their products and services. Regardless of whether it is a networking event or a conference, the effectiveness and success of the event are determined by the number of attendees you get through the doors. It is a sucucess when you can convince the audience about your event. Event invitations are the prime source of driving people to your events.

When it comes to reaching the audience and increasing the attendees, then there is no better way than an event invitation email. The event invitation email is the most-effective way of generating awareness about your event and expanding your reach.

We have specialists that know how to design a compelling event invitation email that will contribute significantly to creating awareness about your event and help you in expanding your customer base.

Almost 40% of marketers believe that email marketing is the single most effective medium to promote an event.

Event Invitation Email is a Great Marketing Opportunity

An event invitation email is the digital version of conventional handwritten invites. These email invitations are an awareness campaign about your event designed to encourage people to attend your event. These modern versions of the invites are the most effective event marketing materials. Read on to find out more about the key elements of winning events invitations, as well as how we can help you.

The foremost step in creating an event email is to plan for the event. Once you have figured out the details of the event, the next step is to decide on the details that you need in the invitation to your event.

With an email template, you won’t need to design the invite from scratch. The email template reduces your time and effort along with providing consistency and lets you connect branding with emails. Templates offer quality design features that aren’t hand-coded and require fewer efforts.

Customised email templates, without any hand coding, allows you to pick a combination of images and texts that blends well and convincingly convey your event details.

82% of event marketers choose social media to market their events.

Elements of An Effective Event Invitation Email

To generate optimal awareness about your event and get people to pour in your event, a compelling email invite is essential. Few critical elements of creating a winning event email campaign have been discussed briefly below.

Targeted Email List

The way you built your email list establishes who can attend your event. It is better to segment your list to maintain the high response rates and send the invite to those who are nearby and can attend the event. By doing so, you ensure that those outside the area who cannot participate in the event don’t receive any irrelevant information, hence assuring fewer unsubscribes.

Value Proposition

With the rest of the details in the invite, a value proposition is a short statement that precisely conveys why the recipient should attend the event.

Value proposition succeeds because it not only tells recipients about an event but also focusses on the benefits of attending the event. Value proposition fuels people’s motivation to attend the event and convinces them to book place for the event.


Description of The Event

Detail description of the event backups your value proposition. Clearly and concisely outline what attendees should expect from the event, how will they benefit, who they will see and hear, and what they will learn.

Location, Time and Other Details

By stating the time and place in your email invitation, you help people identify whether they will be able to make it to the event and increase the chances of them clicking through your website to book a place.

A Convincing Call-To-Action

When you have provided all the information related to your event, add a prominent call-to-action to convince them to take the next step. Link your call-to-action to a booking process to increase the chances of registrations and number of attendees.

Keeping Track is Also Important

After you have created an email invitation and sent it to your potential attendees, keeping track on it for the number of days for optimising your event campaign.

The number of follow-up emails you send depends on the time you have until your event. Leverage the follow-up emails, especially the week of your event because most booking happen in that week. But keep in mind that recipients are more likely to unsubscribe if you send the follow-up emails too frequently. So, it is essential only to remind them and not bombard them with the emails.

Choose the Ideal Platform

Before your event, you need to exploit the social media platforms to build anticipation for your event. But first, you need to identify the best-suited platform for your event. Some social media platforms are better suited for specific events, and you should plan your tactics accordingly.

For example, Facebook let you promote your event in particular ways. If you choose Facebook as your promotional platform, then target those who will be interested in your event rather than promoting it far and wide.

LinkedIn is tailored for corporate events. LinkedIn lets you set the event and allows the attendees to start networking with each other. LinkedIn offers a more targeted approach to event invitations. By creating a group for invitees and sending direct messages to them, you can reach out and target the interested people.

Pre-Event Content to Build Anticipation

Content plays a significant role as a promotional tactic. It develops audience engagement and provides them with resources to share with others. For a corporate event include; blog posts, whitepapers, testimonials from previous events, as your pre-event content.

Visual enhancements and tweaking also help in creating interest in your event. Upgrade your social media profiles and pages to drive interest in your event. If you can afford to develop custom banners and add them to the headers of your social media pages, it can do wonders!

81% of event organizers use Facebook, and 61% uses LinkedIn to promote their events.

Make Your Event Successful

We ensure that your digital campaign is a true reflection of your company’s vision and values. Our experts curate creative and engaging email and social media event invitations befitting the perspective and mood of your subscribers.
Whether you are looking for creating awareness for your brand or improving the attendance in your events, we offer all these services with creativity and efficiency. Contant us and let us help you to promote your events!

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