Inbound Marketing – It’s a Trend!

For so many years, companies have depended upon outbound marketing techniques such as direct mail campaigns, sales calls and advertising for finding new customers for their business. As time passed, a new technique has emerged in the last few years known as inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing Encourages People to Find You

The purpose of inbound marketing is to make the job easier for your customers to get in touch with your business using contemporary marketing means rather than using outdated techniques.

Your inbound marketing strategy is centred on your company’s website and other digital assets. Your website is an online gateway for your business, whether customers find your business through social media posts, search engine or a review site.

Inbound Marketing is Important

There are several reasons for choosing inbound marketing. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose inbound marketing:


Research has indicated that business relies significantly on their inbound marketing tactics due to its lower cost compared to the outbound marketing strategies.

One example of it is a blog cost which can attract 1,000 to 100,000 visitors, and it all costs the same whereas, with the outbound techniques such as direct email, the cost depends upon your number of impressions.

Another reason for inbound marketing tactics being cost-effective is a tool used for significantly inexpensive content publishing.

Inbound marketing saves you money because it costs 60% less than traditional marketing approaches.

Change in People’s Buying Pattern

Customers nowadays are much smarter and more aware of marketing messages. They have a clear understanding of what purposes marketing messages carry. Now, people want to own their decisions and have control over their purchasing decisions, and therefore more and more people are moving towards online platforms.

When you offer quality content to your customers, with time, you will earn their respect as a trusted source and an expert in the field.

From Visitors to Customers

When people find you online through inbound marketing tactics, they are more likely to become your customers over the period of time. These people have the intention to buy your services or products and are called “warm leads.”

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Essentials of Inbound Marketing Strategies

Develop A Good Content Strategy

Your first step should be the identification of the underlying gaps in your content and then outline what goals you wish to achieve through that content. It doesn’t matter if it’s video content, an e-book, blog, article, or others, your content must be SEO optimised.

Engaging Your Potential Customers

The essence of your social marketing strategy is customer engagement. There are several social media platforms where customers engage with brands such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. You need to know where the majority of the engagement is taking place, and what formats are engaging customers the most.

Converting Visitors to Potential Customers

Inbound marketing tactics having high potential to bring invaluable leads, however merely providing great content will not be enough. Once they have found you, there needs to be way to convert those visitors to customers. The next step should be to highlight why they should hire your services. You have to nurture clients.

Inbound Marketing Is Highly Effective

Inbound marketing is a practice which has assisted modern-day businesses to survive in this fast-paced world of digitisation. The statistics depict just that since it is estimated that 41% of the marketeers confirm that inbound marketing has produced better ROI, as compared to the outbound practices. These statistics are just the tip of the iceberg when you are discussing the benefits of inbound marketing on businesses.

Greater ROI

As a person who is running a business, you would want to see the outcomes of the efforts you put in. Although inbound marketing takes time to produce results, nonetheless, it is efficiently more targeted than traditional intrusive marketing procedures. It is estimated that globally, 82% of the marketers who blog has witnessed effective improvements in the ROI due to inbound marketing. Furthermore, making your website more SEO Optimised can further enhance the overall traffic of your brand.

Inbound marketing campaigns achieve higher ROI than outbound techniques, regardless of company size, geography or budget.
Long-Term Benefits

Inbound marketing may not provide quick results, but if implemented properly, it can be a valuable asset for your company’s long-term investment. According to the statistics collected by Invesp, inbound marketing is 10 times more effective to increase lead conversions, which undoubtedly will be beneficial for the longevity of your business.

Challenges While Executing Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing may be insanely effective if implemented adequately, however, there are some challenges which marketers face with this, otherwise a seamless marketing strategy.

Bad Leads

Let us first make one thing clear, there are no “bad leads” unless you end up being on the spam chain. Moreover, it is previously discussed that this marketing strategy does not provide you with short-term results. So, targeting only those potential clients who are ready to make a purchase now will not be enough.

The challenge lies whether you are willing to target both clients who are willing to purchase now and those who are interested but will purchase later. The idea is to attract both types of clients, because not ready to purchase at the moment, does not essentially means not buying at all. Likewise, it is also important to know your audience, you cannot just sell video games to housewives, who is too busy with her responsibilities and does not time to play video games.

Funnel Potential Clients

Inbound marketing strategies include a sales funnel, which includes starting from SEO or social media marketing for increasing traffic on your websites. Then, after you have brought substantial number of clients, the next step is to offer them valued information such as videos, whitepapers etc. The final step is to execute follow-up procedures, which is the bridge between a client who is interested to purchase and who is ready to purchase.

Inbound marketing earns three times more leads than out bound marketing.

Let Us Help You

Inbound marketing requires persistence and accurate planning to be effective for business. Therefore, it is important that you do not take inbound casually and be fully prepared to put in the work. It is also important to understand that the effectiveness of a good inbound strategy will be fruitful for the longevity of the business. Once executed perfectly, be prepared for a high-ranked website that will help your business nurture into something big.

We are here to help a company that excels in building and managing your marketing campaign. Give us a call, send us a mail, we are always available.

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