Benefits with Video Marketing

In this digitally revolutionised and constantly changing the world, it is almost a task to find novel ways to make your company stand out. In the crowd of digital marketers all competing to draw the attention of your prospects, the approach of video marketing is nothing unique.

Who hasn’t watched or shared an emotionally evoking video? Videos have proven to be an impactful strategy of gaining the prospect’s attention.

It is not a hard thing to admit that video marketing is widely popular nowadays. It is one of the most engaging forms of marketing, allowing the viewers to wrap their heads around a particular idea without having to go through a large block of text.

Do you know that YouTube has a daily watch rate of 1 billion hours of video?

If you are in the realm of social or digital marketing, you would have some level of understanding of why video marketing can be used as a useful tool for marketing products. And if you are only beginning to learn more about the marketing tools, then let’s learn.

Video Marketing is Great for Your Business

Gone are the days when video marketing was considered as an option. Video marketing is not just important; it is unquestionably necessary for your business. We live in a golden era in which investing in video marketing is no more a luxury. Today, promoting your brand through videos is a must that cannot be overlooked.

Video marketing might strike you as an expensive business venture but is indeed an investment that will repay tenfold if done correctly. Let us tell you some significant advantages of video marketing and how it can help your business gain more customers.

87% of marketing professionals are using video as a marketing tool – are you making the most of it?

Inform and Educate Through Interesting Videos

Your marketing is intended to attract and retain more customers. Millions of pieces of content float the surface daily, consumers have to look and dedicate their time to reading and viewing the excess of content. Videos allow you to tell your tale precisely and engagingly while gleaning more attention span from your viewers.

Video marketing reduces the time and effort you put into market your business through lengthy content. If your customer doesn’t know anything about your product, it is highly unlikely he or she is going to spend any money on it. Video marketing is a way of telling your customer that in 30 seconds, you are going to show how your product is meant for them. None of the customers today have the time to read about the product and search it on the internet. Video marketing will help you get the word out quickly and efficiently.


Videos are Great for Search Engine Optimisation

Video Marketing is a way of creating content that stays the most relevant to your customers and how they think. Search engines love video content because of its high-quality content. In short, you can do wonders, if you incorporate video in all types of pages on your website. However, it would help if you made sure that your videos are optimised as well, i.e. they include the right keywords, a strong title, and a solid meta description.

Incorporating videos on your website helps in stretching the time that visitors spend on your website. The longer time they spent on your website helps in improving your search engine results.

54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or.

Boost Your Conversions with Strategic Video Marketing

Let us address the obvious, the number one reason for video embedding is video converts. According to a recent study, it was reported that almost 90% of the consumers inclined to take purchasing decision after watching a video. Studies have also shown that people often prefer to watch videos rather than reading a product description to make up their mind about a product. It helps in boosting conversions from a potential buyer to a confirmed customer.

Video marketing leads directly to sales. With so much wordy and lengthy content to go through, most people prefer things to be visually explained. Videos provide you to leverage the power of visual explanations. Research says that 74% of user ultimately bought the product after watching a convincing video explanation of it.

Stay Competitive with Video Marketing

Videos get your messages out there; we have already established that, and why should they not? Video marketing is the shortest way of uniquely presenting the content to the customer and educating them about the product and services. Animations and illustrations are being used by almost every other brand in the world. Hence Video marketing is no longer an option but a mandatory element to stay in the competition.

Add a Personal Touch with Engaging Videos

Marketing aims to build long-lasting trust with your customers. Most quality marketing campaigns are founded on developing trust with their consumers. Video marketing helps in creating trustworthy bonds in ways other contents cannot.

If you have ever seen an Instagram or Facebook story, then you can understand how optimised and attention-grabbing they are. These are some of the shortest video formats and yet are impeccable at offering people what they want. It also allows marketers to create an emotional bond between the brand and the buyer. You might not gain immediate sales of your products or services from short videos, but your audience is more likely to recall your impactful video explainer when they need those product or services.

Let Us Help You

Video Marketing is not easy. The content needs to be optimised and must be highly engaging, and therefore it needs to be created with skills and craft. Our Experts help you with your Video Marketing requirements.

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