Sales Call or Consultation Improvement – The Key to Higher Sales

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about sales call or consultation handling? Most people would give a similar response – communication. Efficient communication is the core element of making a sale. It is what you need to be flawless at if you want to increase your sales and grow your business.

Calling a prospect client requires the sales rep to be an active listener and listen to the customer’s queries. Undivided attention is everything that your clients are looking for. Your sales team not only needs to learn what is being told but also read between the lines.

Bad call handling can lead up to losing 15% of the business.

Are You Handling Calls Efficiently?

A common misconception often found among sales teams is that customers aren’t responding accordingly when, in reality, it’s the sales representative who is not asking the right questions.
When your sales team is underperforming, it needs to be addressed almost immediately. A thorough diagnostics of the situation allows you to understand whether the problem is temporary or long-term. Studies show that poor call handling results in bad organisation reputation. Call handling entails metrics such as:
– How and where the calls are routed to
– Time taken by the representative to attend the call
– Manner of the representative when they talk with the caller
– Information that is being relayed to the caller
– Receiving payments
– Appointment bookings
– Duration of the call

Sales are 27% more successful when they are initiated by an efficient call handling.

Make Your Sales Calls Better

Get your sales personnel trained to become sales superstars. The two main things that are needed for top-quality sales call and consultation are:

  • An effective sales methodology to structure your gameplay
  • A Proactive and fantastic sales psychology to become ready for the toughest buyers’ objections by developing the right emotional and mental state ahead of time.

Remember, selling is a two-way interactive process, so sales also cover engagement from the other party’s end, including prospects, leads and customers. Of course, this depends on which stage in the sales process they are being engaged.

Do you know that 85% of the customers show dissatisfaction with a brand based on their call experience?

How Effective Sales Calls/Consultation Helps Business

When handling a sales call, your sales representatives need to deliver the wow factor to your customers. They should minimise complaints, invoice queries, and manage call-waiting time while also enhancing the customer experience. Here are some of the key elements of call handling that we can help you improve:


Every organisation has a multitude of process, but the biggest challenge is being able to understand the process from the customer’s point of view. The journey of any customer begins at a point when they decide to contact you. Factors such as how long will the response time be? How will the customer feel during the call? Was the customer satisfied? These are just some of the factors you need to incorporate in your call handling process. You can do your research, ask for professional help to prepare and implement the right sales call or consultation management process in your firm.


The critical aspect of any call handling are the customers. They are the ones are at the receiving end of the service, so it is essential to make them feel cared for. You might have the best people working for you but the sheer volume of call is too much or maybe the calls are manageable, but the team lacks the skill.

Having a strong team that knows how to communicate effectively on calls and deliver the company message is a blessing. Your sales staff needs to be trained for:

  • Dealing with angry clients
  • Dealing with bereaved callers
  • Handling complaints
  • Sales through service
80% of the prospects say YES before saying NO four times. Whether your lead will convert or not depends on how well you handle your calls.

Call handling is all about handing time. A well-trained sales team will always be on its toes in responding to the caller. They know the value of time and understand that clients don’t like to wait, AT ALL! Your sales reps must be quick on their feet and should know how to keep a conversation engaging and satisfying for the caller without dragging it unnecessarily. Clear and concise communication requires less time and provide right information to prospect, it will not only save time but also lead client to take decision quickly.

These are the areas you can focus to increase the sales. We offer advice and consultancy to clients on how they should manage sales calls and one-to-one meetings (consultation). We help you improve your sales call and consultation management so that you can convert leads into actual clients.

Sales Call or Consultation Management

While strategies in Sales Call and Consultation can be similar for different companies, each industry and each company is different. Your company may have specific, unique details about your services or products that may not be common in your industry. This is why sales techniques need to be very specific for each company or firm.

We have the expertise to help you structure and formalise your Call or Consultation processes. We provide you all the advice and consultancy service that you need to manage your call and consultation processes inhouse efficiently.

Both Sales Call and Consultation are essential for getting new clients. When prospects initially call to enquire about your services, you need to handle this very carefully. Once they become interested, you arrange a Call Consultation or an in-office consultation which also needs to managed carefully to convert them into clients. For both of these processes, you need strategies, let us help you to develop these processes.


Improvise Your Sales Call or Consultation Process

Our experts specialise in providing higher standards advice and training. We hope that your organisation offers exceptional experiences to your callers and clients. Learn how to make your Sales Call or Consultation processes flawless and effective today! Get in touch today.

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