Sales Training – The Best Way to Increase the Efficiency

Your sales team is perhaps the most valuable asset your company will have. An effective sales force is not only well-trained but also extremely dedicated. Combine that with professional management, you got yourself a team that will bring business growth.

We believe training is not just limited within closed walls; it can also take place while working on deals. The aim is to ensure that it’s effective and real. However, sales training is only effective when it has the right combination of training activities including mentoring and coaching sales managers on various styles of making a sale.

84% of the customers prefer to buy products from someone who is trained in communicating product details to the customer. It increases brand loyalty.

Organisations Requires Sales Training

Attending training sessions and enacting them out, become painstakingly difficult in our busy schedules. But if done right, training can set your organisation on its path of success. Here are some signs that indicate the need for a sales training program in your company:

  • Opening and Closing deals – In order to be have cutting edge sales skills, your sales personnel needs to be efficient in opening and closing a deal with the clients.
  • Observing client’s behaviour – Sales involves more than just answering calls and responding to their queries. Your sales team needs to have the right analytical skills to make sure they are always observing the client’s behaviour and learning their preferences.
  • Negotiation – The core of any good sales team is expert negotiations. Negotiation involves trading concessions, bargaining for the right price and influencing desired outcomes.
  • Handling objections – Handling objections can be a bit tricky. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, few tricks can help you handle customer objections with ease.
  • Structured Methodology – Any good sales individual realises the importance of a logical and structured deal in a way that encompasses every aspect of the sales procedure.

Sales training is needed to bring your sales reps on the same skillset and standard of practice. Once you have identified the factors hindering your sales results, you need to map out the components that’ll make your training programs successful and productive.

85% of customers report being dissatisfied with their phone experiences.

A Step-by-Step Approach to the Sales Process

It is essential to train sales reps on your sales process, especially if you have a team with varying experience levels and backgrounds. Your sales representatives must be trained in your lead generation process, drafting a proposal, closing the deal, and enhancing customer experience once the deal is closed. 

It is crucial to make sure that sales reps are aware of your process, especially those who have previous experiences. 


CRM is a tool that journalises every interaction with customers. Train your sales reps on your company’s specific processes and allow them to explore the software. Give multiple tasks, for example, how to make new entries, use of search function, and updating information; to allow trainees to gain the first-hand experience of the software. 


So, you might already know that – not all deals are same, some are easy while some are extremely difficult to close. For larger and more complex type of deals you need a consultative selling approach. Consultative selling is a need-based approach that focuses on building relationship with the prospect and actively listening to the customers.


Working with your sales team on live deals can make all the difference in the world. It can potentially be the difference maker for your firm. Deal management requires leaderships roles to be undertaken and taking ownership of successfully overlooking every aspect of the deal.

Transform Your Business Using Effective Sales Tactics

Effective sales training program hinges on the essential components listed below:

Sale Skills

Even the most experienced sales reps need to revise and refresh their sales skills. The best way to teach is through demonstration. Video examples and role-playing exercises are more fun to pass down the sales skills. Some essential sales skills include:

  • Formulating cold mails
  • Making cold calls
  • Sales demonstration
  • Writing a proposal
  • Closing the sale deals
  • Client interactions after a deal
Empathising with Customers

Cultivating empathy for your customers – this is a skill that needs to be learned, internalised, and applied effectively. Train your sales reps to see through the perspectives of the customers and understand all the variables of customer experience.

Organise settings where new hires get to interact one-on-one with the customers or through videos. Create exercises, demonstrations that elicit empathy for the customers, and identify best behaviours to deal with customers in those situations.

Your Target Market and Products

What makes you different?’ a question that sales reps encounter a thousand times daily. It is the skill of intelligently answering this question and directing consumers to the right resource that actually sets you apart. With comprehensive knowledge of your buyers’ portfolios, your sales reps need to know your product and target market on their fingertips. 

Allow trainees to observe a demonstration of sales pitch and later ask the trainees to re-enact the pitch.


Have an Efficient Sales Training 

Like every other training or exercise, sales training also starts with telling the reps what to do and how to do it. Instructions are handed out precisely and directly to the trainees. Practical training morphs into the second stage of showing. Instructors and seniors demonstrate the behaviours and actions that the trainees would have to execute later. New hires then perform mock trials of instructor’s behaviours. This part of training is crucial as it provides trainees with real-time feedback and suggestions on how to implement them. 

Sales reps are then given a chance to prove their marketing grit. Trainers observe the execution of taught behaviours and skills by the sales reps. Finally, the trainers and seniors give a detailed review of the individual performances of the sales reps. Along with feedback, the trainer should encourage trainees to assess their own performance and initiate their improvement.    

Some of Elements of Sales Training

  1. Sales Methodology Training program provides training on communication skills and techniques essential for dealing with a global clientele. Spin selling and solution selling are the fundamentals and commonly taught programs.
  2. Product Sales Training trains the professionals on how to effectively communicate the features and benefits of the products and services. 
  3. Sale Management Training teaches the vital skill of managing and developing the sales force to work efficiently and effectively to raise the company’s sales. 
  4. Automation provides training of online marketing tools used to track the progress of the sale and report the sales activities. 

Need Help with Sales Training?

Learning never really stops, and so does sales training. New products enter the market, new techniques are developed, new crises, a new competitor to combat – the market is never stagnant. The best sales teams are enthused to learn and grow with the market. And it is sales training that drives the organisations to achieve new milestones.

Our trainers and instructors build successful sales teams. They are happy to help!

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