Clio – A Treasure Software for Legal Practice

Clio was launched in 2008 when cloud computing was just beginning to become the standard as a practical software substitute for organisations of each size (even start-ups). It didn’t take long for software to achieve dominance in the field.

Clio originates from Canada, but this didn’t prevent it from serving firms in America, whose adaptation of the program is ready for action for the procedural mannerisms of U.S. law. Actually, Clio’s client base currently incorporates more than 90 nations, settling on it a perfect decision for firms with a worldwide domain, also. It is therefore a perfect choice for legal practices in the UK, as well.

Start managing your firm’s cases more efficiently with the help of Clio.

The software program goes for “complete” case management, which means it’s considerably more than only a cloud-based storage centre for customer contact data and archive checks.

The creators of this software have stated that it is meant to “ease the processes of time tracking, billing, administration, and collaboration for law firms of all sizes.” There are plenty of procedures! Believe it or not, it handles a portion of those procedures in a better way as compared to the other software.

Regardless we believe Clio’s the best software for the legal sector.

Clio is the undisputed leader in legal technology with over 700 5-star reviews on Capterra.

Clio Offer Several Benefits as Your Case Management Software

Easy to Use Functionality

One of the most well-known benefits of Clio is this: the framework is very easy to utilise. That is essential to the legal sector because in law firms, the lawyers and paralegals’ tech aptitudes can have significant differences. The developers of Clio are known for considering client criticism each time they design a new version of the software. This means that this software keeps getting better with time, even though its current version is extremely useful in itself.

Simple, Installation-Free Migration

One of the enormous advantages offered by cloud-based practice management framework is that you never need to install anything. This mitigates worries about storage space and backup right away. (That goes for any of the cloud-based projects out there, not simply Clio.) It additionally makes migration basic. Truth be told, if your office is at present utilising distinctive case management software, our Clio reps can assist you with moving from that one to this.

Clio is your one-stop solution for all your law firm’s needs. It’s fast, efficient.

Reusable Task Templates

Do long checklists overwhelm you as the day progresses? We can relate to that! Clio enables you to make task formats that consequently check off to-do things for you. For instance, you can make an assignment stream for new and approaching clients that will remind you when to catch up with them as well as record specific communication identifying with their court case.

Secure Client Portals

Sending sensitive files to clients is risky, given email’s inalienable security vulnerabilities. (It’s likely to email the wrong person by mistake.)

In Clio, you can make secure logins for your clients that enable them to get to their private records — any documents that you need them to see.

Online Payments

Clio’s client portal enables your clients to sign in and take care of your bills as well. That is a benefit for both you and them. A considerable number of the law offices we work with find that when their clients can make speedy and simple online payments, the firm doesn’t need to invest a lot of energy in pursuing past-due balances. This means that the clients can make the payments easily and you receive your money quickly – a win-win situation.

150,000 legal professionals in 90 countries trust Clio to help manage their law firm.
Mobile Apps

While most legal advisors disclose to us that despite everything, they don’t do much of high-end casework on their cell phones, there will definitely be times when you have to rapidly sign in and check something in a client’s records. A cell phone application makes that extremely simpler. You can time track your billable hours too.

Clio’s versatile applications are smooth and simple to utilise, which matters a lot when time is short (for instance, when you’re running into court or getting a fifteen-minute break).

Plug-ins Are Available

Clio’s case management program is worked around API, which means that outsiders can create modules and other customisation instruments. There’s even an application registry, so if Clio doesn’t give you what you need, you can peruse for an add-on that does. Some of the giant names in the software world also offer Clio- integration, as well, including but not limited to:

  • PayPal
  • Microsoft Outlook and Office365
  • Gmail
  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Xero
  • Box and Dropbox
  • Fastcase
  • LawPay
  • Chrometa
  • altLegal
  • Zapier
  • Lexicata
  • Lawdingo
Dependable Customer Support

Clio’s client assistance reps reliably get high stamp. The size of the developing company aides here. They’re huge enough to keep sufficient support staff close by, which means that their customer support is reliable.


Regular Updates

Clio rushes to distinguish issues and discharge fixes for any bugs that may emerge. Just recently, they have released an all-new form of their legal management software. Some of its latest features include:

  • Single-page structure: All that you need to do is open inside the equivalent simple UI. No consistent stacking and reloading.
  • They recently introduced CRM for lead tracking and sales management.
  • Improved API configuration, which means it’s simpler for developers to design their customised plug-ins (and it’s simpler for you to coordinate them).
Sensible Pricing

Clio is a reasonably priced case management solution that organisations of pretty much any size can afford. There are more affordable choices out there but remember: time is money, and Clio helps you save a lot of it as compared to other options.

66+ bar associations approve Clio to their members, and Clio has been adopted by more than 150 law schools.

Useful for Firms of All Sizes

It isn’t only Clio’s cost that bodes well for law offices of each size and shape. Its abilities are also valuable. As a rule, the program can function according to your requirements.

And yet, in the event that you need a ground-breaking machine to run your practice from the cloud, you won’t get yourself getting stuck into a ton of restrictions. In that sense, it’s especially a “practice management” framework, not only a “case management” one.

Let Us Help You

Clio is undoubtedly one of the leading and the most effective software for Legal practice management in the world today. We believe that an efficient software such as Clio can help you get the edge over your competitors. We can serve you in terms of implementing this software, maintaining it and training you how to use it. Get a FREE consultation today!

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