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In today’s world, innovations reign supreme. Anything that lends the digital world with a brand-new concept is an immediate success. Almost every field is the beneficiary of these digital innovations, especially the business world.

Digital innovations have entirely revolutionised the business world. From manual journaling to digitally centralising the data, business trends are digitally transformed. That is why any organisation that didn’t or chose not to implement these modern novelties causes its downfall.

The most tech-influenced area of any business is customer service management. Software has been introduced that help in analysing the recording and maintaining customer relationships while tracking customer status in the sales pipeline. Salesforce is one of the best ones that are available at present.

Customer Relationship Management to with Salesforce

Anyone familiar with the term CRM knows the well-documented benefits of the system.

CRM or customer relationship management system is a software programmed to record, manage, and maintain the interactions with the customers through the sales pipeline. CRM gathers the information about customers and offers a detailed and in-depth knowledge about customer experience, their feedback.

With diverse customer data, companies can influence different departments and improve customers’ experiences. Sales, marketing, and customer service teams benefit from this detailed data to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with the customers.

However, choosing a proper CRM is not a simple task. It requires long hours of web searching and several meetings with your sales and marketing departments. To make your job easier and help you meet your ROI goals, we have compiled a detailed account of one of the market leaders- Salesforce.

83% of Fortune 500 companies are Salesforce customers.

Salesforce Is Your One-Fit-For-All CRM Solution

Salesforce CRM is a full-featured CRM equipped with diverse tools ranging from performance analytics and monitoring of sales pipeline to contact management and lead nurturing. Its user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface suits every enterprise and is designed to meet the needs of every business, big or small.

Salesforce CRM integration has overhauled the sales and marketing structure of many companies. It has simplified workload delegation, improved lead generation, better monitoring of the opportunities, and better performance tracking. Moreover, its cloud-hosted deployment makes this platform the perfect choice for managers, field professionals, and entrepreneurs to access and manage the data on-the-fly.

Salesforce Offers Exceptional Features

Key Features of Salesforce CRM

– Tools for customer engagement
– Task Management
– Analytics
– Workflow creation and management
– Opportunity monitoring
– Collaboration tools
– Intuitive dashboard.
– Contact Management

Features of Salespeople

– Sales Forecasting
– Monitoring marketing leads
– Communities for sales

Features of Marketers

– Email integration
– Social media integration
– Monitoring of marketing leads


Use Salesforce to Your Advantage Through its Benefits

Salesforce CRM provides a wide range of functions to optimise your marketing and sales operations, including the following:

Using Customer Information to Optimise Sales

Salesforce CRM is integrated with the tools that help you attain a better understanding of your customers and clients. The system garners the customer’s information from social media and emails. This gathered information enables you to identify the preferences of customers and identify what kind of product or service they are searching for. Use this information to curate the marketing strategies that suit the customers.

Provides an Overview of The Sales Pipeline

Closely monitoring the lead conversions is essential for any enterprise or business. This platform allows you to have a bird’s eye view of your sales pipeline. Salesforce CRM’s has an intuitive dashboard used for data accumulation and elaborate reporting and analysis.

Identify and Gauge Sales Opportunities

Salesforce CRM keeps you updated with the progress of your sales process. The different aspects of the platform include customer preferences, your lead conversions, and the progress of all your marketing and sales activities.

Salesforce helps you identify the sales opportunities, scale their value, and prioritise the identified opportunities according to their importance. Through sorting the strong leads from the weak ones, you can gauge the prospects who are likely to pay. You can also identify those who are not engaged yet.

Sales Pipeline Management

Salesforce CRM helps you monitor the sales pipeline at every stage. From collecting leads to converting them into opportunities, Salesforce CRM can help you achieve all these necessary business functions. The system also helps in keeping the leads hooked by automated follow-ups and tracking the lead status in the sales funnel.

Building A More Efficient Team

Salesforces CRM consolidates and centralises all your data at one place. Centralisation of data lets your sales and marketing teams, and administrative staff receive the same comprehensive information. This, in turn, keeps them on the same page when it comes to the various aspects of different operations.

Salesforce has 150,000 customers all around the world, including the UK.

Improving Lead Nurturing

For converting your leads into paying customers, you need to be proactive and diligent in monitoring your prospects and maintaining contact with them. Salesforce CRM allows you to create a campaign, track clicks and automates the entire process. This helps generate and nurture quality leads and boost the sales process while decreasing the spent time on the sales cycle.

Tools for Field Professionals

The cloud-hosted deployment of Salesforce CRM makes it ideal for your marketing and sales teams to access reports, dashboards, and other data on-the-go. This cloud-based platform makes it easier for the sales and marketing teams to access any information on location without them needing to go back and forth to the office.
spent time on the sales cycle.

Develop Effective Sales Cycles

Besides helping you understand the opportunities and your clients better, Salesforce CRM helps you in streamlining your sales process. Its task management and workflow automation features tweak your sales cycle as well as keep you updated with the progress of the sales process.

Smoothens Your Sales Channel

Salesforce CRM has access to territory management tools which help in setting boundaries according to employee assignment and customer volume. This enables you to maintain a balanced workload among your sales reps.

Flexible Integration

Salesforce CRM is designed for flexibility. Its powerful APIs allow the system to integrate with other software seamlessly. This feature lets the software be integrated with third-party applications like Freshdesk, Samanage, FinancialForce, JIRA, Zendesk and more. Besides, expanding the capabilities of this CRM, these features allow you to retain your current business system and consolidate all the data in one place for better monitoring.

91% of the organizations with more than 11 employees now use CRM systems. Capterra indicates that among the variety of platforms Salesforce captures one-third of all CRM users.

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