Zoho – One of the Most Unique Business Software

In the business world, customers are an invaluable asset. Customers are the ones that define whether your business will survive in the competition or your brilliant business plan will become a part of history. In the early days, most organisations depended upon the sales rep’s Inbox, accountant’s stack of invoices and the brains of its employees to keep the record of customers-related information. The information was dispersed in many places.

However, as businesses grew, it became evident that information needs to be centralised. Companies started adopting systems that acted as a central place where all information lives.

Before implementing any system, have the answers to the critical questions prepared. Who are your customers? Are you keeping records of lead information? How to stay connected with them?

Create a long-term vision for your business’s success with ZOHO.

Zoho – The Best Consumer-Centric CRM

Your clients and prospective customers will drift away if your team is not on the same page. From the customers’ point of view, they are developing a relationship with a company and not with several people and different departments. Everyone on your team needs to be aware of every customer’s needs, wants, and current state in the pipeline so that they can continue the conversation from where it was left off.

Briefing every employee or every department is neither an efficient nor an effective way of solving this disconcerting problem. This is where the CRM systems come into play. With one information hub to retain and organise all your customer details, their interactions with the company, their current position in the pipeline and the status of your leads; it is easy for everyone on your team to stay updated and have a better insight. Zoho is one of the most popular CRM software, and for a good reason.

Why Zoho CRM is One of the Most Popular?

ZOHO has emerged as the globally appreciated and the most efficient CRM system. The software is developed to solve the criticalities of maintaining, managing, and retaining customer relationships.

The core functionalities of the Zoho CRM system entails sales pipeline supervision, purchase control, lead and contact management. These features, along with a revamped and easy-to-use interface, are typical of the Zoho CRM system.  The home screen of the system includes ten different components with the option of customising the dashboard and making it more business-specific. For user-friendliness, the module navigation panel is located on the top to make the search easier.

The system suits every big or small business and even supports entrepreneurs. Its features bundle together to track sales, automate everyday business activity and use different platforms to increase customer engagement.

You can also take Zoho CRM on-the-go with its mobile platform. The mobile platform helps in getting real-time and fast updates and lets you close more deals on location.

Zoho is not limited to its features, and you can augment its functionality by integrating it with the popular application and Zoho productivity products. The system accepts; MailChimp, Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks, ConstantConnect, and also connectors like CloudWork and OneSaas.

With ZOHO, you get access to more than 40+ integrated applications, ALL IN ONE.

Optimise Your Business Functions with Zoho

Like every other CRM, Zoho, too, offers its benefits in driving more customers and closing more deals. But how do all its features help in improving customer relationships? Let’s get a clear idea of this.

Automating Sales Operations with Zoho

Automating sales operations is one of the vital functions of Zoho CRM. The system is designed to track visitors activities on your website, and convert those sightseers into hot leads. Besides, converting the visitors, prospects can be imported from external sources and matched with their appropriate sales agents.

Zoho CRM helps in managing customer accounts, such as through a shared database to monitor all accounts, view customers across their locations, products, status, and accounts, and track their purchase history. The system also allows you to establish sales quotas, determine individual or team performances, forecast revenue, and develop customisable forecast reports and dashboards.

Making Important Data Accessible in Real-Time

Zoho CRM provides Opportunity Tracking to allow you to see the status of customers in the sales cycle, which includes contact history, size of the deal, and competitor’s profile to assist you in curating a more fitting message.

Its advanced system lets you detect the inactive leads with their historical data. The Business Card View views all the relevant customer information in one window without the need for scrolling and searching. The Notes Section displays the content of previous conversations with time for more personal interaction with customers.

Optimum Use of Social Media

Most of the customers nowadays come from Facebook and Twitter pages, which is why the CRM system must link those customers to your products and services. Zoho CRM classifies these customers as leads and contacts so that you can easily connect with them and have communication.

Mobile Editions

Zoho has a specialised mobile edition for iOS and Android users which helps you stay in touch and control of your customers wherever you go. The mobile edition allows you to access sales, communicate and take actions even while on the go.

Google Apps and Zoho Suite Integration

Zoho CRM can be integrated with key Google Apps like Docs, Gmail and Calendar, on top of its Zoho Suite of apps integration. These integrations result in an enhanced base system with complementing apps.

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Zoho Offers Several Amazing Features

Sales Automation
  • – Lead generation and qualification
  • – Real-time forecasting
  • – Competitive and pipeline analyses
  • – Quota Management
Lead Management
  • – Automation of the lead management process
  • – Identify leads from website
  • – Import leads from external sources
  • – Match leads to right sales reps
Account Management
  • – Access history to identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • – Maintain customer data across the accounts, products, and status
  • – Price sales orders, invoices and quotes
  • – Loyalty programs
CRM Workflow Management
  • – Send workflow alerts while modifying or creating records
  • – Auto-schedule the workflow actions
  • – Link the tasks to the workflow rules
  • – Notify by emails upon triggering a workflow rule
 Sales Tracking
  • – Oversees the sales opportunity across the sales cycle
  • – Importing sales opportunities
  • – Sales Opportunity management
  • – Sales pipeline
  • – Sales escalation process
Sales Forecasting
  • – Create and revise the sales quotas
  • – Evaluate individual and team performance
  • – Customizable sales forecast reports and dashboards
Document Library
  • – Fast feedback from coworkers
  • – Categorised folders and sub-folders
  • – Multiple versions of one document
  • – Sending documents from CRM
Social CRM
  • – View social media communication with the prospects
  • – Involve prospects from the social stream
  • – Like, comment, reply to direct messages from inside CRM
  • – Stay updated on customers’ interests
Google Apps
  • – API, Custom Functions, Custom Modules and Webhooks
  • – Enable security controls
  • – Develop autoresponders, email marketing and campaigns
Close more deals in less time with the extraordinary features of ZOHO.

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