Laravel – One of the Best PHP Frameworks

Every day millions of web apps and websites are developed, but only a handful of them get enough visitors and the desired popularity. There is no denying the fact that a website is a way of attracting more customers, gaining their attention and increase the brand’s reach. So how can you get a website that does all this? The answer is simple, get the right platform.

Laravel is a powerful PHP framework that also offers a swift developing.

A website needs to have excellent navigation, vibrant colours, striking features, and the most important part would be the design. Several PHP frameworks are used widely for creating excellent applications and websites, and if you want all this, then Laravel is the right choice for you. Laravel is used all over the world for creating agile websites in a fast and easy manner.

Developers and website owners need the development process to be reusable, clean and straightforward in terms of coding. Laravel is a PHP framework that is used by thousands of developers around the world for creating websites. What makes this platform unique is the level of flexibility and readability features. Laravel is also one of the most trending PHP platforms is the world currently.

Laravel Can be the Right Choice

Are you interested in developing a new platform, or maybe a new web application? Then you might be looking for a new framework. If you are familiar with PHP, then, might we suggest using a great new framework called Laravel.

Laravel is one of the few frameworks that has the simplest of syntaxes compared to other PHP frameworks. It has a vastly growing community and can easily be used with other third-party applications using Packagist or Composer. Laravel makes several tasks such as authentication, caching, routing and sessions development easy.

Laravel has an excellent database layer and ORM, and one key feature of this framework is that its functional core can be extended. It also has out of the box unit testing.

Using the framework not only gives the developers coding flexibility but also the power to take care of some of the most dynamic development requirements. The framework is suitable for all kinds of projects, from small e-commerce websites to full-scale enterprise-level applications.


Laravel is a Popular Web Framework

The reason why Laravel is so popular is that it allows web application management to be easy. Here are some of the core features that make it so famous.

Support for MVC Architecture

Transparency in development and business logic is an integral part of web development. Laravel relies on the Model View Controller and has one of the most prominent built-in array functions. MVC speeds up the performance and allows documentation to be better.

MVC helps in improved performance, has built-in functions, and better documentation. We have a team of highly professional and skilled Laravel developers that can provide you all sorts of functional features for your website.

Task Configuration in Management

Task management and configuration is a vital component in any kind of web development. It is the primary necessity that ensures all work is done on time. It doesn’t matter what the tasks may be, whether it’s as simple as sending an email or complicated documentation.

Laravel has many features to make sure your work never suffers any delays. We have a strong team of developers that are ready to serve you with anything related to web development.

Laravel is the most popular platform in the UK for Web App development.
Easy Installation

Laravel Homestread is a pre-packaged Vagrant box that offers easy installation and a subtle development environment without having to install PHP in the system. This box provides a way to create and re-create websites. The software is more comfortable to install compared to other platforms and takes very little time to install. The most significant feature in the installation is that it doesn’t affect any other program running on the system.


Laravel developers understand the level of protection it offers through its reliable techniques that are very easy to use. The passwords that you will be used are never saved in simple text form within the database. Everything is encrypted ensuring that even a hack is attempted, no data is revealed. Laravel uses a Bcrypt hashing algorithm for encryption.

Laravel is considered as one of the best PHP frameworks. It offers the simplest of solutions for some of the most complex of requirements.

Laravel Has Several Great Features

Let’s discuss why we believe, Laravel is the right framework. Here are some of the significant technical advantages that Laravel can provide:

Object-Oriented Libraries

One of the key reasons why Laravel is considered as the best PHP framework is because of its Object-Oriented libraries and some of the other pre-installed ones as well that are not found in PHP frameworks. One of the commonly used in the framework is the Authentication Library. If you’re a programming nerd, then you understand how useful it is. Some of its advanced features are Bcrypt Hashing, encryption, Cross-site Request Forgery, password reset, and it can also check for active users.

Authorisation Technique

Authorisation and authentication technique implementation are straightforward in Laravel. Everything is configured to perfection.

MVC Support

Laravel supports MVC architecture, such as Symfony. It ensures that there is clarity between presentation and logic. MVC also helps in performance improvement, has built-in functionalities, and allows for better documentation.

Database Migration

Database migration is made significantly easy on Laravel. However, there is just one pre-requisite condition here; you need to keep all the database work in seeds and migration. If the condition is met, then migration can easily take place to any other machine.


Artisan is a tool built-in Laravel, allowing the developer to carry out the majority of the tedious and repetitive programming tasks with ease that are often avoided or manually performed by other developers.


How can a framework be considered the BEST, without proper security? Laravel uses a hashed password, i.e., the password will never be saved in the database in plain text. The framework also uses prepared SQL statements making the injection attacks completely unimaginable.

Let Us Help You

We have experienced developers that know their way around Laravel. They possess a working understanding of the framework, along with other compatible applications to cater to your development needs.

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