Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment

Whenever there is a talk about open source technologies, mainly JavaScript, it seems like these platforms are mean to boom and grow more and more in popularity. Node.js is a powerful runtime environment based on JS programming. So, the question is, is Node.js the next big thing?

Let us make it simple for you, Node.js has outshined every other platform in the development of web apps and is considered as a revolution in the world of technology.

Node.js Development

You might be thinking about what makes this platform is so unique. Well, the answer to this is, we now finally have a cutting-edge tech that allows real-time two-way connections where both the client and the server can communicate effectively, allowing the better exchange of valuable information. This is not a conventional paradigm as far as the web development platforms are concerned, as in most cases, the client is the one who initiates the communication.

With Node.js,  build high performing, scalable, secure websites

Node.js technology is used extensively for running several web apps and creating them. It uses JavaScript as the primary language as it is lightweight to be used in the web-server ad has an abundance of plugins to manage the “Node Package Manager.” The NPM allows for customised application building to meet the needs of our clients. It may seem like Node.js is like any other development framework, but certain features make Node.js a popular and recommended choice for developers.

Why Node.js Is Popular

Although Node.js is not a new technology recently, it has gotten some major attention and is moving up in the list of widely used JavaScript tools in recent times.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Node.js:


The primary reason why Node.js is so much popular is that it uses JavaScript for web application development. As a matter of fact, Node.js is considered widely by developers for developing browser applications. This is not it, Node.js has entirely revolutionised the JavaScript servers. The language is widely used for web development and it is driving the domain of web development. According to many experts, JavaScript is not something that will be fading soon.

Fast and Responsive

Node.js is powered by V8, which was developed by Google. V8 has the ability to execute and compile JS at a rapid speed by compiling JS in the machine code. Further, Node.js has an event loop, which is a single thread performing all the input and output operations in an asynchronous manner.

ing Node.js, when I/O operation is performed by an application, the asynchronous tasks are sent, and the callback action is undertaken.

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Node.js is one language that can be re-used, and it can provide several benefits to the user. Other web-related technologies such as ASP or spring demand some knowledge from the developer to code on the server-side. This implies that all functions need to include two languages – one for server-side and one for client-side.

Node.js only uses JavaScript for both sides. Web developers interact across all layers in the same language. As an added benefit, the functions used in JavaScript are re-used for multiple purposes in the future.

High Performance

PayPal uses the Node.js and has reported doubling the number of requests per second and reducing the time of response by 35%. Wal Mart is giant retail and has been using Node.js for providing a superb experience.

Node.js is Unique and Versatile

If you are considering using Node.js for different applications. Might we suggest some of the most effective uses of Node.js? Here we go:


This is perhaps the most real-time use of Node.js, where there are also multiple users at the same time. Chat application provides perfect use for this technology. Why do you ask? Because it is lightweight, data-intensive, and has high traffic across distributed devices.

API on an Object Database

Node.js, despite being well-known in the realm of real-time apps, its also pretty good in exposing the data from object Database such as MongoDB. Data stored through JSON allows Node.js functionality to carry out without data conversion and impedance mismatch.

Queued Inputs

Let’s assume you’re receiving a high amount of data concurrently; there is a high chance your DB will get bottlenecked. This would not have been a problem if you had Node.js handle the matter. Node.js handles the connections itself.

Data Streaming

In more traditional web platforms, HTTP responses and requests are treated as isolated events. They are treated as streams. This feature can very well be sued in Node.js, which means that Node.js allows files to be processed while they are being uploaded.

Great Importance for Your Business

Great Importance for Your Business

Ok, so before you decide what environment you need to be using for your project, we suggest you look at some of the perks you get when you use Node.js. Let’s state the obvious one first, Node.js allows you to write on both server. This is one of the primary reasons why people opt for Node.js. In the past, a language could either be used on the client-side or the server-side or. Not many applications can do that.

Inspire possibilities and apply innovation at its best

Now you may ask? Why this is important. So, the reasons behind this are that it allows teams to work together in a much efficient manner. It is a hassle when members of the same team have to work on different languages for both front and back-end designing. This can cause some serious friction in work.

Our developers have an in-depth understanding of Node.js that ensures quality development for our clients. Some other benefits of using Node.js are:

  1. Effective homogenous file streaming
  2. It has a dynamic and alive community
  3. Similar coding strategies can be implemented on both user and admin side allowing better much more competent apps
  4. One key benefit of using Node.js is that it has built-in support for package management through using npm tool which is a default program installed alongside Node.js

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