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Majority of small business owners often seek help and consultation regarding the best content management system in the market. So, if you are one of those business owners that are looking for an efficient CMS development platform, then this page is meant for you.

As you may already know, all websites need a good CMS, and without a secure, scalable and user-friendly CMS, a website is destined to fail. There is a constant debate in place when it comes to choosing the best platform for CMS development, and there are a plethora of choices currently available in the market.

But it is up to you to decide which platform best suits your business type. Some of the more commonly used platforms are Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Umbraco. Microsoft developed Umbraco and let’s discuss why this platform is better than the rest.

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Umbraco – The Open Source CMS

So, you have finally decided you need a website for your business, and you are looking to build from scratch, trying to go an extra mile. Here are four things that you definitely want for your website: well-designed, fantastic user experience, adaptable and easy to update.

You may have looked for several other options for yourself and still confused where to put your money, right? You need a CMS like Umbraco that is not just free but also handles enterprise-level websites.

First and foremost, Umbraco is a “cloud-based open source content management system” and was built using ASP.NET framework. The reason why this platform is widely acknowledged is because of its flexibility to run anything, from small campaigns or brochure sites to highly complex applications.

The platform is used and recommended by some of the largest media companies in the world. Currently, more than 100,000 websites are running on Umbraco.

Umbraco Offers Several Great Features

In 2011, it was reported that the majority of the customers have migrated to Umbraco from other developing platforms because of some amazing features that it offers. Since then, the platform is getting more and more appreciation among people and developers. Some of the best features this platform has to offer are:

FREE Content Management System

This particular benefit will undoubtedly raise many heads. CMS development on Umbraco is free, and the only thing where payment needs to be made is for the designing service. This platform is open-source helps so many customers save their money on launching their website.

Umbraco lets you enjoy many benefits that help your business make a mark in the competitive corporate world.

Huge Community Support

We know that you don’t want your website left on its own and Umbraco allows you to cater to this issue with ease. Some of the best developers use Umbraco in the industry, and you can always ask a question to them and get their expert opinion.

Ideal Platform for Publishing Content

A great website has engaging content; you might even say it is the backbone of any website. Hence, this makes it more important to use a platform that can help you manage the content for your website in the simplest of ways.

When using Umbraco, you can use MS word for creating and publishing your content. There is also an option to revert to old content for comparison.

On the Cloud

Now some of you might hate the process of installation and update for software bug fixes. We realise that these delays can cause disruptions to your activities and therefore people use Umbraco. Umbraco is a cloud-based management system which means you no longer have to be concerned about installations.

We are one of the leading consulting agencies all over the UK, and we understand what our clients need and how can they get the best out of minimal investments. Feel free to contact us about your development needs and let us contribute to your business success.

With UMBRACO Content Management System, you’re meant to progress!

WordPress Vs Umbraco – What’s the Comparison

Umbraco in recent years has been compared by many developers with WordPress, in terms of which is better. There has been an ongoing debate on the virtues of both platforms and how one outperforms the other. The debate ends on the notion that before deciding to go with either of the two, the first step should be about what the client exactly needs and that is what we do at Lawyer’s Growth Partners.

Umbraco is ASP.Net extendable open-source CMS which has the support of several developers from all over the world. The platform provides the freedom to create anything from any part of the world.

The best feature of Umbraco is its level of security and compared to WordPress, it is way better in terms of robustness and ease of build. Umbraco helps running website with just a single installation and can also easily set-up a multi-lingual site.


Umbraco also has several plugins which make the platform all the more valuable to the website of the client other than just business showcasing. For instance, if you are running an established business and a huge business, then you would definitely prefer a technology that is either PHP based or ASP. It also depends on the installations that you have already in place.

Nowadays, many aspiring businessmen are choosing Umbraco over WordPress regardless of the freebies offered by WordPress. Umbraco is acknowledged and accepted in all parts of the world by many business owners and developers. It is a user-friendly CMS that aids the organisation of all sizes with web deployment and development.

Umbraco has been known to cater to everything that WordPress did in the past. While WordPress is more of a small business-oriented web development platform, Umbraco is for the established and big companies looking to add some new features into the website.

So, if you are looking to go the extra mile with your business and grow with the changing needs of your clients, then Umbraco is the perfect choice for you.

Exceptional Umbraco Development Services

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