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A strong online presence can do wonders for your law firm, and your website is at the core of it. Many people are confused about what constitutes a good website and how they can get help with this, so here we will explain everything simply and clearly. First of all, let’s clear the common confusion: are web design and web development the same thing or not?

Both these processes are essential for the process of creating a winning website. In web design, the aesthetic side of the website is focused upon. Its usability is also optimised. With the help of designing softwares, our web designers create all the visual elements such as the layout and animations for your website. The process of web development involves the creation of a fully functioning website based on website design. Our web developers utilise programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Bootstrap and CSS to breathe life into the design files.

Online paid advertising is an extremely rewarding method for rallying leads and bringing traffic to your website. According to research, 72% of the law firms who used Paid Digital enjoyed the result of new customer acquisition.

Attract More Business Through an Impressive Website

A website is not just an online portal for business. It means much more than that and can do much more for your law firm than you can imagine. Apart from being an online lead-generation platform, you can consider your website to be:

  • The core of your firm’s marketing
  • An asset which, if nurtured regularly, will keep adding value to your business
  • Your online brochure, the equivalent of an effective salesperson or an attractive shopfront

This means that if you apply the right strategy and hire the right professionals for the web development of your law firm’s website, you can get the most of this online marketing platform. Successful lawyers say that their digital marketing, particularly their website, proved to be the most effective source of new business for them.

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Get Online Business Generation Platform – A Great Website

Most clients come to us and ask for a ‘website’, when actually what they are looking for is a strong and sustainable growth strategy which is applied through the most popular online business generation platform – a great website. We understand requirements of your modern law firm and are fully capable of addressing each of them.

Whether you are looking for a new website or for ways to upgrade your existing one, we have the solutions for you. In case you have already tried everything you know, but your website still does not bring in the business that you want, we can offer a detailed evaluation and assessment of why this is happening, and educate you on what you need to do to solve the problem.

We are passionate about creating the perfect website for your law firm – and aim to not only make it look great but perform well, too.

Expert in Web Development

Your website should look beautiful, be functional and clear, but most importantly, it should generate business. We are mindful of all these points when we design and develop your website. This is how we contribute to the growth of your law firm.

Through our Vision Meetings at the start of the project, we have a detailed discussion with you. We ask you for all the essential information, including your mission, vision and core values. Using this information, we determine your goals and target market and then create strategy. This is then used to guide the look and feel of your website – that can now become your most useful lead-generating asset.

Our exceptionally talented team of web designers design your website, while our web developers provide quality coding and testing to convert it from the design phase to the actual usable website. We offer a range of services to cater to any of your web development requirements.

A well-designed website can increase the number of your clients by as much as 55%!

Website Design for Law Firms & Solicitors

We are a London-based business consultancy and digital marketing agency that can enable your law firm to generate significant business online through a well-designed, well-developed and beautiful website. We can help regardless of where you are based in the UK or beyond.

We focus on getting results. Our team is made up of the leading experts in Business Consultancy and Digital Marketing who possess exceptional expertise, up-to-date industry knowledge and years of experience. We use innovative technology and the best practices to create the most effective strategies to help your law firm survive and thrive. We are in a perfect position to help you, so get in touch for a free audit and a tailor-cut proposal for your firm!

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